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Ampers are the best Origin to play because they just kick ass. Who doesn't want to be all tricked out with wired reflexes, knuckle spikes, dermal armor, and other cool stuff? Stupid question man; everyone does.
Ampers are humans that are technologically enhanced via either Cybernetics, BioWare, PharmiTech, or something more unusual (collectively referred to as BodyTech).
Ampers by their nature almost certainly start with BodyTech. Cybernetics are by far the most common form of enhancement. It is not unusual for an Amper to start off with as much Cyber as they can afford.
BioWare costs more and isn't as comprehensively capable as Cybernetics, but some Ampers prefer the more "organic" approach
Chemical enhancements are collectively called PharmiTech and can be quite advantaging in both the short and long term depending on what kind of drugs are used.
PharmiTech usually takes the form of some kind of doping process, either long term such as various sorts of steroids or short term such as various performance enhancers and "Combat Drugs" with a rapid effect.
Very few Ampers use Biofeedback Training.
Ampers are expected to start play with some mixture of BodyTech acquired during the course of their lives prior to the start of the campaign. However, a player making an Amper would quickly exhaust their character's starting credits if they took this to heart and bought a lot of BodyTech for their character. Thus Ampers receive special exceptions related to the monetary costs of BodyTech that they start play with.
At character creation a Player making an Amper can can opt to sell back some or potentially all of the free Resource Pool Points that they start play with at the same point ratio by which such points can be bought and use those points to pay for extra BodyTech.
Thus, every five (5) Resource Points in an Amper's Gear Pool could be sold back to yield one (1) Character Point, while every two (2) points of Contact / Follower or Vehicle / Base Pool could be sold back to yield one (1) Character Point.
For instance if an Amper did not want to have a Vehicle / Base Pool, they could sell back the free 10 points they start with in their Vehicle / Base Pool for five (5) extra Character Points that can then be used to pay the Real Cost of Cybernetics or BioWare.
When starting an Amper can spend any number of character points on Cybernetics and it is assumed that the in-game monetary costs associated with those enhancements have been covered in the character's past; the Amper does not have to also pay for these items from their starting funds.
Also, as noted in the Cybernetics section, the points from Pysical Limitations that are offset by Cybernetics and the Cybernetic Distinctive Feature Disadvantages do not count against the Disadvantage Maxima of 100 points. Thus characters that have a lot of Cybernetic replacement parts can start play with more actual character points than other characters, gained from Cybernetic related Disadvantages over the limit.
A starting Amper may spend any number of character points on BioWare, but must pay half the monetary costs associated with the enhancements from their starting funds.
A starting Amper may start play with any number of long lasting PharmiTech enhancements, but they must pay half the monetary costs associated with the doses they start play with from their starting funds (PharmiTech never costs character points).
 However Long Term Side Effects must be checked for each dose of PharmiTech the Amper starts with as explained in the PharmiTech section.
Ampers gain no special benefit or discount for using Biofeedback Training.
Ampers don't have any specific restrictions per se, however there are many hidden downsides to being heavily augmented. For starters, BioWare, PharmiTech, and Cybernetics all have intrinsic cons ranging from Distinctive Features, Psychological Limitations, Social Limitations, Dependencies, and even permanent reductions in Characteristics.
Further Cybernetics get broken and have to be repaired or replaced representing a long term monetary drain and are detectible by some security devices which makes stealth and keeping a low profile more difficult; PharmiTech wears off and is the most potentially damaging of all BodyTech; and while its largely side-effect free BioWare is hideously expensive to begin with. In all, augmented characters have to deal with an array of things that the unaugmented are not hampered with.
There are also opportunity costs involved; most significantly Ampers can't have any SuperSkills, which in the MetaCyber setting includes Combat Luck and Deadly Blow (per the Campaign Assumptions).
As a flavor guideline that has no game effect, it is common for Ampers to focus more on improving their enhancements than on their Characteristics or learned Skills, but ultimately that is a decision that is completely up to the player.