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Gear is a generic term for Equipment and Vehicles. Guns, body armor, urban assualt tanks, and cool gadgets are all Gear. Resource Points (Dark Champions page 150) are used for MetaCyber campaigns by default, and characters start with differing amounts of Resource Points based upon their Origin.
As described in Dark Champions, there is a difference between Kit and Armory. A characters Kit is what they can carry on their person / into a combat, while their Armory is their stockpiled collection of items from which they can choose their Kit.
The recommended Size Restrictions on Kit given on page 153 of Dark Champions are considered to be in effect, namely "Casual", "Standard", and "Formal". However if a player abuses the "Formal" option, the GM should restrict them to no more gear than the "Standard" option allows.
Starting characters are assumed to have any gear they can fit into their Resource Pools in their Armory without having to pay credits for them from their starting funds. Any additional gear must be acquired normally.
Acquisition can take many forms ranging from theft, looting fallen enemies, and the more prosaic option of buying them for money. It is each player's responsibility to keep track of their own character's Armory and Kit, but GM's are recommended to monitor this as well in any case where they suspect dishonesty or poor accounting.
Gear is undoubtedly useful and important. However as the old credo goes, "Without my rifle I am useless; without me my rifle is useless."; which is to say the intent is not for Gear to overshadow the characters, but rather to supplement them.
Further, while the technology of the MetaCyber campaign is more advanced than that of the modern era, it is not a super-tech setting. There are definite boundaries to what technology can and cannot do and Gear should abide by those boundaries. If at any point a GM or player is designing a piece of gear using the Power or Vehicle rules and the result seems too powerful or to not jive with the overall feel of the other gear available in the setting, its probably inappropriate and should be watered down, adjusted, or discarded.
Some of the notable abilities that are not acheivable by gear are:
  • Size or Density Alteration (including Desolid)
  • Teleportation
  • Invisibility
  • Extra Dimensional Movement
  • Transdimensional Anything
  • Precognition
  • Retrocognition
  • Telepathy
  • Mental Domination
  • Extreme Transformations
  • Sustained Personal Flight
  • Matter to Energy Conversion
  • Aging / Time Effects