Body Tech

Pharmitech Mechanics Costs Brands Medicine
The oldest form of BodyTech by a large margin, PharmiTech is any sort of drug or chemical that can be taken to enhance performance. While much more limited than Cybernetics, PharmiTech is a cheaper alternative and thus continues to persist particularly among the less affluent such as Gangers, despite the unpleasant side effects associated with their use. PharmiTech is generally referred to as "Juice" or "Dope" on the street and in the media and those that use it heavily are often called "Juicers".
  • Mechanics: this document explains how PharmiTech works in the MetaCyber setting.
  • Costs: the credit costs for PharmiTech including a cost calculator, Long Term Side Effects, and the social implications of being a PharmiTech user are all described.
  • Brands: a collection of sample PharmiTech writeups, including complex doses that do many things at once.
  • Medicine: PharmiTech can also be used to treat Psychological and Enraged Disadvantages.