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Libra is a conversion from the Dark Champions supplement.
This line up represents an experienced Runner team thats been around awhile and work together exclusively. The LIBRA team is long standing and has had different roster line ups over the years as people come and go one way or the other. LIBRA was originally an acronym, or at least a backronym, but all the people that knew what it meant are long gone.
Knockout is the last survivor of the previous era and thinks of herself as the real leader of the group, but Sarge is a strong personality and takes charge a lot particularly in tactical situations, and there is some leadership tension at times. When conflicts arise Hammer universally sides with Sarge, while Shade typically sides with Knockout, and Shiv goes one way or the other as he likes at the moment. In general though the team is a well oiled machine and they work well as a unit. They have made many enemies amongst disgruntled MegaCorps, and have made a name for themselves on the street.
The group often subcontracts Runners with specific skills needed for a particular job if the team can't cover it. However such hired guns are always kept on the outside and not trusted with inner decisions and details. Every now and then the group will extend a membership offer to a very impressive Runner, or else allow a groupy that just sticks around long enough to join. However the tradition is to keep the group at an odd number if possible (so that ties can be broken), and to never have less than five or more than nine members.





SHIV -- AMPER (BioWare)


HAMMER -- META (Hyper-dense)

BOOMER (Grenadier)