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Flying Stunts

Stunts related to flying, dive bombing, and so on.

Dive Bomber: Because I am good at using my natural flight and great mass to execute murderous fly-bys and dive bombs, I gain +2 to attack a target in my zone while Forcefully Focused when I am flying and swoop or dive down within striking range of my target.

Fast Flyer: Because I am able to fly very fast, if I do nothing but move while flying I may use this ability to move four zones instead of two.

Fly By: Because I am able to swoop in at speed, when I am flying I may move an extra zone and attack, or move 1 zone and attack and then immediately move 1 more zone away. When I use this ability I must move in a more or less straight line, but I can gain and lose altitude along my path.

Windrider: Because I have mastered the art of riding the winds, I can spend a Fate point to fly for the duration of a scene and potentially longer. While flying I may move 1 additional zone per exchange and I ignore any ground based obstacles I can fly over. However, while I am flying in this fashion I must move at least 1 zone each exchange and I can't go backwards. If I can't move forward (in approx a 120 degree arc) I must land, ending the effect.