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Dastardly Stunts

Stunts related to low-down, underhanded, sneaky, roguish, dishonorable, or illegal abilities.

Back At You: Because even my defense is dangerous, whenever I am Quickly Roguish and defend with style against a physical melee attack while wielding a light weapon I may use the boost to inflict a single point of stress on my attacker, immediately, as a free action.

Bushwhacker: Because I am great at setting up ambushes, I gain +1 when I Sneakily set up an ambush or create a related advantage.

Careful Crossbowman: Because I am skilled with a crossbow, I gain +2 when I am Carefully Roguish and attack with a crossbow.

Cut And Run!: Because I am excellent at getting away with it, if I am in a conflict and do nothing in an exchange except move away from danger, I may move two extra zones and I am unobstructed by urban detritus and crowds. If I am in a contest involving me running away or avoiding capture, I gain +2 to overcome while I am Quickly Roguish. This ability only works in urban areas.

Dirty Infighter: Because I am skilled at dirty tricks fighting and getting inside my opponents' guard to strike at vulnerable areas, I am a surprisingly effective combatant. Though my fighting style remains unconventional and evasive, when armed with daggers, light one handed melee weapons such as short swords, garrottes, saps, makeshift weapons, and similar armaments I can use Roguish to directly engage opponents who are using Combative in armed physical conflicts.

Fast Attack!: Because I am shockingly fast, I gain +1 when I am Quickly Roguish and attack. If I inflict a consequence on my target I get an extra free invoke on it.

Hip Shot: Because I am skilled at rapidly shooting arrows, I gain +2 when I am Quickly Roguish and attack with a short bow or hand crossbow.

Mobile Strike: Because I have a fast-moving agile fighting style, whenever I am Quickly Roguish and attack, if I succeed with style and choose to reduce the damage I inflict to get a boost I may use that boost to immediately move 1 zone away, as a free action. If I also spend a Fate point I may move an additional zone further away.

Pick Lock, Pocket, Or Number: Because I am a thief without peer, I gain +2 to overcome when I am Quickly Roguish and attempt to pick a lock or a pocket, or to beat a combination or other form of complex lock.

Poison Master: Because I am a master at using poisons and have built up resistances to many of them over the years, I may use Roguish to justify attack, defend, create advantage, and overcome actions whenever poisons are relevent. Further, I tend to know or can usually find out with little effort where poisons are bought and sold in urban centers.

Shiv: Because I am skilled with daggers of all shapes and sizes, I may use Roguish as if it were Combatives when fighting with one or more daggers in a conflict, and I inflict +1 stress when I successfully attack while doing so.

Skulker: Because I am so good at escaping notice, I get +2 while I am Sneakily Roguish and create advantage or overcome challenges to avoid notice.

Sneak Attack: Because I am good at looking unremarkable or going unnoticed altogether only to launch a deadly and treacherous attack on the unwary, I may add +4 when I am Sneakily Roguish and attack by surprise. If I inflict a Mild or Moderate consequence on my opponent with this attack I may spend a Fate point to bump the consequence from Mild to Moderate or from Moderate to Severe.

Sudden Attack: Because I am prone to sudden violence, I get +2 when I Forcefully attack an opponent who is unaware of my intent.

Town And Country Sneaker: Because I am so good at lurking and being stealthy, I can use Roguish instead of Primal to create advantage and overcome when attempting to avoid being noticed in rural and wildland areas (Roguish is already usable for this in civilized areas).

Trap Sense: Because I have preternaturally sharp senses and fast reflexes, I gain +1 when I am Quickly Roguish and attempt to notice, overcome, or defend against a trap.

Urban Opportunist: Because I am so adept at taking advantage of situational opportunities in civilized settlements, I gain +1 when I am Roguish and create advantage or overcome to interact with the area or scene while I am in typical urban areas.