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Command Stunts

Stunts related to intimidating, frightening, or commanding others.

Air Of Command: Because I have an imperious air of command and aura of authority, I gain +2 to create advantage or overcome during social encounters when giving orders to sentient NPCs that lack consequences. Additionally, even if such minions resist my commands, they will not escalate the encounter to a conflict unless provoked and will call a supervisor (if at all possible) rather than attempt to deal with me themselves.

Armed Intimidation: Because I am well armed and visibly dangerous, I may add my Combative capability to create advantage or overcome when I attempt to intimidate or assert control over a social situation if I am armed appropriately.

Commanding Voice: Because I am able to speak in a commanding voice that compels obedience in those of lesser willpower; I may use Focused for social interactions if I can talk, and I am resisted by Focused when I do so. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Forbidding Presence: Because I present a very intimidating and stern visage while emanating a frightenting aura, I gain +1 when being Flashy and attempting to frighten or demoralize.

Inspiring Leadership: Because I inspire my allies and followers, any allies who join me in battle gain +1 on all actions they take within a conflict while being Combative. Allies must be within three (3) zones and within line of sight of me to benefit from my leadership. This ability applies for the duration of the conflict even if I am taken out, as my allies are moved to protect or avenge me.

Rally Leader: Because I am able to inspire my allies to regroup and rally, once per scene I can give a motivating monologue or shout out words of courage and valor to allow all allies within one (1) zone of me to clear one of their stress boxes or a Mild consequence.

Terrifying Leadership: Because I have terrified my minions into obedience, they will not break while I am still alive no matter how dire the situation gets.

Terrifying Roar: Because I am able to make a terrifying noise, I gain +1 when being Flashy and attempting to frighten or demoralize. Alternately, once per scene if I move a zone and attack while Flashy I may also attempt to create advantage to frighten or demoralize everyone in the same zone as my target as a free action.