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Wondrous magical items ranging from useful to ingenius to just plain odd, and usually usable by anyone.

Boots Of Striding And Springing: Because I have a magical pair of boots, when I wear them I am able to leap and run better than usual. If I am in a conflict and do nothing in an exchange except move, I may move three (3) zones instead of two (2) zones and I am unobstructed by minor obstacles. If I am in a contest involving me running away or avoiding capture, I gain +1 to overcome while I am Quickly Focused.

Bottomless Satchel: Because I have a magical satchel that is much bigger on the inside than on the outside, I can carry a large amount of supplies as long as each item can fit through the opening of the bag (which is about half a meter across at full expansion). I can Carefully overcome against a Fair (+2) difficulty to retrieve anything I've explicitly put into it; failure just means I have to keep rooting around looking for the item with additional actions. With the GM's permission I can also spend a Fate point to pull out a mundane item that can fit through the opening of the satchel that I haven't explictly put in but 'happen to have'.

Cloak Of Elvenkind: Because I have a magical Cloak of Elvenkind, I gain +1 when Sneaky to create advantage or overcome to avoid notice while wearing it.

Cloak of Protection (-2): Because I have a Cloak of Protection that offers me some protection, while wearing it I gain +1 to defend against magic and if I take a consequence from a magical attack the attacker does not get a free invoke on it.

Elemental Gem: These magical gems contain a bound Large Elemental. Each gem can only be used once, and are destroyed in the process rendering them impractically expensive for mass consumption. However, even a single use can have a significant impact on a confrontation, making them quite useful in dire enough circumstances.

Precious Gemstone, Moderately Magical (Conjuration, Elemental)

Benefit: A character may crush or break the Gem to release the Large Elemental trapped within it. The elemental follows the user's commands for one (1) scene, and then returns to their applicable elemental plane of origin.

Uses: [1]

Each usage box indicates a seperate use or application and each use expends a usage box; when there are none left the item is expended.

Elemental Gems come in many varieties, one per kind of elemental. See Elementals for details on individual types of elementals

Everburning Incense Box: Because I have a magical Everburning Incense Box that emits soothing cinnamon-scented smoke whenever I open its lid, I can use it to aid me in certain situations. If I am able to use it prior to a social encounter to prepare a room or chamber, I gain (+1) to all subsequent social actions I take within the prepared area. The benefit of the effect lasts for several minutes after the box is closed, unless a strong wind or something similar clears the incense from the room. Mystical senses can detect the subtle magic by overcoming an Epic (+7) challenge, and it can be suppressed with dispelling magics for a scene by overcoming a Superb (+5) challenge.

Goggles Of Night: Because I have a pair of magical goggles I can see perfectly in total darkness and gain +1 to defend against sight-based attacks when I wear them.

Mask of Disguise (-2): Because I have a powerful magical item that allows me to change my appearance, I may spend a Fate point to cause myself to appear to be someone else for a scene or longer. If I am imitating a specific person, those who are most familiar with that person may notice that my behavior isn't consistent, but will generally be fooled during casual or brief interaction. My magical disguise can be overcome by those with appropriate senses or magic against a Legendary (+8) difficulty.

Headband of Vast Intellect: Because I have a magical item that boosts my intelligence, I gain +2 while Cleverly Focused to recall obscure details, lore, or even general knowledge, and also when attempting to figure things out via sheer intellect.

Immovable Rod: Because I have a magical Immovable Rod, its special magical abilities aid me in my adventures.

Flat Iron Bar, Moderately Magical (Transmutation)

This rod is a flat iron bar with a small button on one end. When the button is pushed the rod anchors itself in its current position and will not budge, even if staying in place defies gravity.

Thus the owner can lift or place the rod wherever they can reach, push the button, and let go leaving the rod anchored in place. Several immovable rods can even make a ladder when used together (although only two are strictly necessary).

The magic of one immovable rod can support up to five tons before catastrophically failing, causing the rod to deactivate and cease working. However, multiple immovable rods might be used in tandem to support more weight.

Despite the seeming incongruity with the name it actually is possible to move an activated immovable rod by overcoming a Wondrous (+10) challenge while being Forcefully Focused. Success allows the rod to be moved up to a foot, and each additional shift allows another three feet of distance. The rod will remain in its new location after being moved in this way. Of course this is largely irrelevant as a person with the ability to manipulate the rod could simply turn it off, move it to the desired location, and then turn it back on.

Maiden's Helm (-2): Because I wear a magical helmet that radiates intimidating and frightenting emanations, I gain +1 when being Forceful and attempting to frighten or demoralize. Additionally it confers greater power a few times per day.

Impressive Looking Silvery Helmet, Moderately Magical (Arcane)

Uses: [1][1][1]

+4 when Forcefully issuing verbal commands to an individual or a mob of mooks in my zone or an adjacent zone. This is a mind-affecting Arcane ability.

Orb of Consumption: Because I have a magical Orb of Consumption, its special magical abilities aid me in my adventures.

Head-sized Hollow Sphere, Mind-Affecting, Sonic, Strongly Magical (Enchantment)

This cruel device could not seem less intimidating—it appears as nothing more frightening than a hollow sphere of pink glass the size of a halfling's head. When it is held in both hands and its command word is spoken, a pulsing light throbs at the core of the sphere and the sound of an ongoing exhalation of breath emanates from the orb.

This effect lasts for as long as the user concentrates, spending their entire turn to keep the orb activated.

Each turn that the user concentrates on keeping the orb activated, every other character in their zone must overcome an Epic (+7) challenge; or a Superb (+5) challenge if being Carefully Focused. Characters who succeed can take their action as normal. Those who fail are compelled to use their action to approach and touch the orb. Characters compelled in this way may spend a Fate point to resist the effect and take their action this turn as normal.

The orb itself inflicts an Epic (+7) magical attack on anyone other than its user who fails to resist the orb's lure and makes physical contact with the orb. The attack takes the form of enervating magic that saps a victim's life force.

If the orb inflicts a consequence on any of its victims, it places the spell Aspect Consumed Lifeforce on its user, or adds an additional free invoke to the Aspect if it already exists. This Aspect can be invoked by the orb's user whenever they are being Focused to improve their chances of success.

The Consumed Lifeforce spell Aspect can be removed using appropriate magic by overcoming an Epic (+7) difficulty.

Wayfinder: Because I own a Wayfinder, I am able to employ a useful magical tool to help me in my adventures. See the Wayfinder write up for details.

Faintly Magical (Evocation), Fancy Compass

While it serves as a badge of office for agents of the Pathfinder Society, a wayfinder is as much a handy tool as a status symbol. A non-Pathfinder carrying one of these is likely to face complications if it is noticed by actual Pathfinders.

Illuminate: Using a command word I can activate my Wayfinder to illuminate my zone and all adjacent zones unless obstructed, attaching the situational Aspect Illuminating Wayfinder to myself; I may actively defend against attempts to overcome this Aspect with narrative support.

True North: Using my Wayfinder as a compass I am able to determine true north unless near a magnet or other disruptive force; I gain +1 while Carefully Focused to overcome being lost.

Find A Way: Once per session I may gain +1 while I am being Careful or Clever and attempting an action; I may decide to use this ability after I have already rolled a relevant 4dF roll and determined the total number of shifts.

Whispering Coin: Because I have a magical Whispering Coin, its special magical abilities aid me in my adventures.

Ancient Thassilonian Relic, Strongly Magical (Divination)

This ancient gold coin measures an inch in diameter and a quarter of an inch thick. One face bears one of the seven ancient runes representing magic and sin, while the opposite side bears the image of a broken column.

When carried, a whispering coin periodically haunts its carrier with soft whispers that seem to be in an ancient language, but which are never loud enough to understand.

Once per day, when the bearer flips the whispering coin and asks a question in Thassilonian while the coin is in the air, the coin provides an answer to the question as it lands, either 'yes' (the rune) or 'no' (the broken column); the word 'yes' or 'no' is also whispered into the user's ear as the answer is determined. A whispering coin's knowledge is limited to events that have a significant chance to affect the coin's carrier in the immediate future (no further out than a few minutes), and is further limited to facts, not conjecture.

You could ask a whispering coin whether a door you were about to open is trapped, but not 'Is the king the mastermind of the conspiracy we just learned about?' The GM, in other words, can determine whether or not a whispering coin can answer or not. If the coin can't answer, it spins on its edge upon landing for several seconds before flopping over to a random side and does not whisper a 'yes' or 'no' into the user's ear. The coin's one use for the day is still consumed.