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Amulets often offer powerful magical abilities to their wearers.

Amulet Of Clear Thought: Because I have an Amulet of Clear Thought, I may add +1 when being Clever.

Amulet Of Fortification: Because I have an Amulet of Fortification, when opponents inflict a consequence on me they do not get a free invoke on it.

Amulet Of Mighty Fists: Because I have an Amulet of Mighty Fists, I may add +1 while Focused to attack barehanded.

Amulet Of Natural Armor: Because I have an Amulet of Natural Armor, I may add +1 to defend against physical attacks.

Deathbalm Talisman: Because I have a Deathbalm Talisman, I gain +1 to defend against effects that would poison, sicken, weaken, or drain me. Additionally, once per session I can invoke the amulet to clear all of my stress and my Mild Consequence, or to reduce a non-social Moderate Consequence to a Mild Consequence; however if I do this the amulet becomes dormant and unusable for a day.