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Undead Resistances (-4): Because I am Undead I am immune to death effects, disease, mental effects, paralysis, poison, sleep, stun, and energy drain. I also don't need to breathe and never get tired. However, postive energy inflicts 2 extra shifts of stress against me, and also I take stress from healing magics.

Life Energy Drain: Because I am able to drain the life energy from those I touch, if I inflict a Consequence on a target by hitting or touching them I afflict them with enervation and ennui. Consequences such as Easily Fatigued, Fits Of Ennui, Prone To Depression, and Sunk Into A Deep Funk cause those afflicted to struggle to motivate and empower themselves, to unexpectedly lose interest in being active, become unconcerned about succeeding in their endeavors, and so forth.

Healed By Draining Life Energies (-3): Because I am strengthened by draining the life forces of others, whenever I successfully use Life Energy Drain to give a target a Consequence I may clear one of my own stress boxes or a Consequence with a numerical value equal to or less than the numerical value of the Consequnce I inflicted.