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Grey Maiden Champion

Combat Veteran (-2): Because I have engaged in so much combat, I gain +1 when I am Combative and attack or defend.

Heavy Armor Training: Because I have extensively trained to properly use heavy armor, I gain +1 to defend against non-social attacks when I am heavily armored.

Maiden's Helm (-2): Because I wear a magical helmet that radiates intimidating and frightenting emanations, I gain +1 when being Forceful and attempting to frighten or demoralize. Additionally it confers greater power a few times per day.

Impressive Looking Silvery Helmet, Moderately Magical (Arcane)

Uses: [1][1][1]

+4 when Forcefully issuing verbal commands to an individual or a mob of mooks in my zone or an adjacent zone. This is a mind-affecting Arcane ability.

This champion of the Grey Maidens wears orante silvery heavy armor, a large shield, and a long sword. She also wears a moderately magical helmet awarded to the elite of the Order as signs of special note.