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Darkvision: Because I have Darkvision I can see perfectly in total darkness.

Demonic Durability: Because my demonic nature makes me much more durable than normal, I reduce by two (2) all stress inflicted on me by physical attacks. However this does not work against magic, cold iron, or weapons blessed by a benign deity.

Demonic Immunity (-3): Because of my demonic nature, I am immune to electricity, fire, disease, and poison. However, positive energy inflicts 2 extra shifts of stress against me.

Seductive Domination: Because I have the ability to take control of the minds of others by seducing them, while I am Sneakily Focused I can employ a vaneer of seduction or other predatory social wiles against a living target in my zone that I am in close contact with. Each exchange I continue my seduction I may make mental attacks against the target. Consequences inflicted by this ability pertain to my gaining increasing control over the target's mind. If the target concedes to me, the target must do as I command in general but retains enough control to avoid doing anything fundamentally against their nature (i.e. they may resist one of my commands if they have a relevant Aspect). If the target is taken out with this ability I assume full control of the target's behavior until they are able to recover from the Consequences. This is a mind-affecting ability.

This stunt requires Focused +3 or better to use.

Fly By: Because I am able to swoop in at speed, when I am flying I may move an extra zone and attack, or move 1 zone and attack and then immediately move 1 more zone away. When I use this ability I must move in a more or less straight line, but I can gain and lose altitude along my path.

Fiendish Teleportation (-2): Because of my fiendish nature I am able to teleport myself. Once per scene as an action I can remove myself from the scene by teleporting elsewhere. My range is limited to somewhere within approximately five hundred (500) miles of my current location.

Good Smiter: Because of my fiendish nature, I inflict an extra shift of damage when I physically attack devout followers of benign deities.