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Elusive Target: Because I am so tiny and elusive. I may always use Focused to defend against physical and magical attacks, if I am aware of my attacker. This doesn't work against similar sized opponents or attacks that affect an entire zone.

Immune To Fire: Because I am immune to fire, I am unaffected by any malign effect that relies on fire.

Immune To Poison: Because I am immune to poison, I am unaffected by any malign effect that relies on poison.

Willful Invisibility: Because I can turn invisibile at will, if I do not attack or create advantage in an exchange I may place the situational Aspect 'Invisible' on myself as a free action that takes no time before or after my normal action. If I attack or create advantage while invisible, this Aspect is immediately removed and I become visibile for at least one (1) exchange before I am able to use this ability to become invisible again. My innate invisibility can be temporarily neutralized by those with unusual senses or magic or special items creating an applicable advantage; the difficulty to do so is Superb (+5). It can also be overcome and thus removed by some abilities that explicitly counter invisibility or dispel magic; the difficulty to do so is Fantastic (+6).

Poisoned Sting: Because I have a poisonous sting, once per conflict I may gain +4 while Quickly Focused to create the advantage Poisoned on a target within my zone.