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Launchable Tail Spikes (-2): Because I have a freakish spiked tail with launchable spikes, I gain +2 while Forcefully Focused to launch spikes as an attack against one or more targets within three zones of me. If I split shifts to affect multiple targets, each target suffers a -1 penalty to their defense roll; however if I opt to do this I can only split shifts between targets within the same zone as each other.

Stalking Hunter: Because I am so good at stalking, hunting, and pouncing upon prey unnoticed, I get +2 when I am Sneakily Primal and create advantage or overcome challenges to set up and execute ambushes while in wildlands.

Alertness: Because I am unusually alert and perceptive I gain +2 while Focused to notice things.

Darkvision: Because I have Darkvision I can see perfectly in total darkness.

Fly By: Because I am able to swoop in at speed, when I am flying I may move an extra zone and attack, or move 1 zone and attack and then immediately move 1 more zone away. When I use this ability I must move in a more or less straight line, but I can gain and lose altitude along my path.

Dive Bomber: Because I am good at using my natural flight and great mass to execute murderous fly-bys and dive bombs, I gain +2 to attack a target in my zone while Forcefully Focused when I am flying and swoop or dive down within striking range of my target.