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Glass Golem

Constructed Senses (-2): Because I perceive the world via magical sensors, I can see perfectly in total darkness, even if I am 'blinded'. Additionally, I can sense invisibile things that are near me; I gain +2 while Focused to overcome any Aspect related to invisibility or a similar effect within my zone.

Constructed Resistances (-4): Because I am a construct I am immune to death effects, disease, mental effects, paralysis, poison, sleep, stun, and energy drain. I also don't need to breathe and never get tired.

Natural Weapons: Because I have natural weapons and am skilled in their use, I may use Focused instead of Combative when my natural weapons are relevant. In situations where it matters I can choose to be treated as attacking barehanded or attacking with a weapon, whichever benefits me more in the situation. Finally, though I can be inconvenienced and my natural weapons can be fouled or restrained, being disarmed is generally off the table for me.

Immune To Magic (-2): Because I am immune to almost all magic, I am unaffected by any malign effect that relies on magic.

The exception to this is that I am not immune to magic that uses intense sonic waves to cause damage or deformation to me.

Reflect Magic (-2): Because I am able to reflect magic to protect myself, once per exchange if I am the target of a spell and I am aware of it I may overcome the same difficulty required to cast the spell while Quickly Focused; however I suffer a -2 penalty to my roll. If I am successful the spell has no effect on me and I turn the spell back upon its caster, against whom the spell has its full normal effect.

Still As A Statue: Because I am able to pose as an ornamental statue, unmoving for as long as I care to be, I get +2 while I am Sneaky and create advantage or overcome challenges to avoid notice if I am immobile and posed appropriately. In most scenes, if I am already in an area and posed appropriately I will already have the situational Aspect 'Just A Statue' on myself which I am assumed to have succeeded with style to create and thus have two (2) invokes on it.

Immune To Fire: Because I am immune to fire, I am unaffected by any malign effect that relies on fire.

Fiery Healing: Because I am healed by exposure to fire, whenever I would take stress or a consequence due to injury from fire I instead heal an equivalent amount of stress or clear an equivalent consequence. However, I can only benefit from this ability once per exchange.