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Clockwork Servant

Self Repair Systems (-2): Because my internal systems repair damage to myself extremely quickly, I reduce by 2 all stress inflicted on me by physical and magical attacks. However, this does not work versus electricity based attacks.

Constructed Senses (-2): Because I perceive the world via magical sensors, I can see perfectly in total darkness, even if I am 'blinded'. Additionally, I can sense invisibile things that are near me; I gain +2 while Focused to overcome any Aspect related to invisibility or a similar effect within my zone.

Constructed Resistances (-4): Because I am a construct I am immune to death effects, disease, mental effects, paralysis, poison, sleep, stun, and energy drain. I also don't need to breathe and never get tired.

Net Launcher: Because I have a net launcher, while I am Carefully Focused I may attempt to create advantage against a target to entangle them in a Net anchored on them. See the Net profile for details.

Fancy Metal Net, Hard To Get Out Of

Good At: Entangling (+4)

Bad At: Everything Else (-4)

Hits: [1][1][1][1][1]

Anchored to target.