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Sinspawn of Wrath

Immune To Mental And Social Effects (-2): Because I have no sentient mind to speak of, I am immune to mental and social effects.

Infect With Wrath: Because I am a physical embodiment of the sin of Wrath, if I inflict a Consequence on a target by biting them I can afflict them with a propensity for rage. Consequences such as Prone To Violence, Fits Of Uncontrollable Anger, Subject To Blind Fury, and Fly Into A Red Rage incite those afflicted to struggle to control themselves and to unexpectedly lash out indiscriminantly at friend and foe or at inopportune times.

Fueled By Anger: Because I am strengthened by anger and agression, whenever someone other than a Sinspawn of Wrath in the same zone or an adjacent zone as me Forcefully attacks I gain a Boost called Fueled By Anger.