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Sinspawn of Lust

Immune To Mental And Social Effects (-2): Because I have no sentient mind to speak of, I am immune to mental and social effects.

Infect With Lust: Because I am a physical embodiment of the sin of Lust, if I inflict a Consequence on a target by biting them I can afflict them with an intense propensity for 'getting it on'. Consequences such as Sexual Impulses, Drastically Lowered Standards, and Urge To Procreate incite those afflicted to struggle to control themselves or act inappropriately in pursuit of sating their magically enflamed desires.

Fueled By Sin: Because I am strengthened by lustful thoughts, whenever I or another Sinspawn of Lust in my zone or an adjacent zone infects a target with lust, I gain a boost called Fueled By Lust.

Dirty Infighter: Because I am skilled at dirty tricks fighting and getting inside my opponents' guard to strike at vulnerable areas, I am a surprisingly effective combatant. Though my fighting style remains unconventional and evasive, when armed with daggers, light one handed melee weapons such as short swords, garrottes, saps, makeshift weapons, and similar armaments I can use Roguish to directly engage opponents who are using Combative in armed physical conflicts.