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Alertness: Because I am unusually alert and perceptive I gain +2 while Focused to notice things.

Quick Shot: Because I am skilled at rapidly shooting arrows, I gain +1 when I am Quick and attack with any kind of bow or a hand crossbow against a target in my zone or an adjacent zone. If I hit I inflict +1 shift of additional stress.

Strider: Because I am fleet of foot and able to move quickly, if I am in a conflict and do nothing in an exchange except move, I may move an extra zone and I am unobstructed by foot hazards of less than knee height. If I am in a contest involving me walking rapidly or running, I gain +1 to overcome while I am Quick.

Tracker: Because I am so good at tracking a quary, I get +2 when I am Carefully Primal and create advantage or overcome challenges related to tracking things down in wilderness settings.

Warrior's Mettle: Because I have trained extensively and am made of sterner stuff than most people, I may use Combatives to defend against ranged attacks and targeted magic by deflecting such attacks with a precise flick or parry of my weapon, or with my armor or a shield, or by some other means justified by the narrative.

Yuler wears sturdy woodland leathers and stalker boots. His prize possession is a simple but deadly recurve bow, complemented by a quiver full of hand-fletched arrows. He also has a pair of skinning dagger tucked into the small of his back and some essential trail gear, but mostly relies on what nature provides. Finally, he has a comfortable green cloak that blends in well in most forested locales and is also comfortable to sleep in. What more does a man need?