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Theriaxis: Because I am a dedicated scholar who has mastered highly esoteric magical and medical lore, I am able to make and apply ointments, salves, nostrums, and elixirs that can heal and repair just about any form of illness, wound, infection, or impurity. While I am Carefully Arcane and I have access to my alchemical supplies, I may clear a Stress box or clear a Consequence by overcoming a difficulty equal to the numerical value of the stress box or Consequence. If I fail to overcome the difficulty of a Consequence I may not attempt to heal that same Consequence again. I may use this ability on others as well as myself if I am able to examine and treat them. I may use this ability (Focused + Arcane) times per day.

At my current level of skill, I can use Theriaxis four (4) times per day.

Mutagen (Bruteform): Because I have mastered strange transmogrifying magics I can concoct substances that allow me to change my own physical structure and capacity, becoming much larger and stronger but at the cost of greatly diminished intellgence. I may spend a Fate point to temporarily move all of my Approach bonuses to Forceful (leaving all of my other Approaches at +0), and to move all of my Archetype bonuses to Focused (leaving all of my other Archetypes at +0). I also change my Trouble to 'Mutagenic Brute'. This lasts for an entire scene unless I spend another Fate point to change back to normal.

Rarefied Flesh: Because I have practiced internal alchemy for many years and subjected by own flesh to alchemical rarefication, I am more durable than normal. I reduce by one (1) all stress inflicted on me by physical and magical attacks.

Staff Of Nyx: Because I bear the Staff of Nyx, a powerful magical staff, I gain +2 while Forcefully Arcane to project a dark red beam of searing energy as an attack against a target within two zones of me. The staff can be disarmed or temporarily taken from me and I am unable to use this ability until I get it back.

Prepared Caster (Alchemy)

Because of my studies as a classically trained Alchemist, given time and opportunity I may 'prepare' a number of potions, elixirs, salves and similar 'concoctions' equal to ((Careful + Clever + Focused) * Arcane).

Unused concoctions remain until they get activated or destroyed and can be stockpiled. These Aspects are portable; I may give them to others and they can be taken away from me.

Making a concoction requires time, materials, and either a lab or a field kit; the specifics are left to the GM's discretion, but simple potions might take minutes while very powerful potions might take one or more hours.

If a strict economy is being enforced in the campaign, it usually costs about half retail price to make a concoction; GM's discretion applies.


Alchemical concoctions can be given, sold to, or stolen by others and used by them. They are effectively a commodity.

However all of an alchemist's concoctions, including those under another character's control, count against their preparation limit.

Alchemical Item Write-ups

A variety of write-ups for specific alchemical items and potions are available. Each usage of these kinds of alchemical items counts against an alchemist's preparation limit.

Note that the provided write-ups are just examples, and not a restricted list of allowed effects; an alchemist can make any sort of alchemical item the GM allows.

To prepare a concoction I roll 4dF and add (Focused + Arcane) against a Mediocre (+0) difficulty; failure indicates a botched concoction and that 'slot' is wasted for the day. I temporarily gain a new personal Aspect corresponding to the concoction I prepared with one invoke, and annotated with the margin of success.

Prepared concoctions are activated by invoking its Aspect as an action and resolving the effect of the concoction using the previously rolled margin of success. It is possible for a concoction resolution to fail if the margin of success is insufficient to the difficulty or if opposed successfully. If I am the activator, I can spend a Fate point at this time to add +2 shifts to the margin of success.

Unfortunately due to my focus on Alchemy, I cannot free cast spells.

At my current level of arcane skill, I can have up to ten (10) alchemical concoctions prepared.

Note: If a player chooses to play Xarren, they should select or define up to ten (10) alchemical concoctions that Xarren starts play with. Note that each usage of a potion counts against this limit, thus if Xarren started with a Potion of Invisibility with three (3) uses, that would count as three of his ten concoctions.

Xarren is a man of means, and due to thorough planning he carries with him an amount that should be sufficient monetary resources to complete his quest (baring unforseen complications, of course). He is armed with the Staff of Nyx, as well as a hidden dagger, and he wears very nice robes and excellent boots. Xarren also caries a spare set of fine clothing, personal jewelry worth a few hundred gold, a few odds and ends for the road, and a lot of alchemical paraphenalia.