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Hedge Arcanist: Because I practice a more ancient form of Arcane magic that remains connected to the natural world, while Arcane I can cast spells that replicate effects that are usually the province of Primal. Further, I may also add Primal as a bonus to my roll when I do so.

Witch's Fire: Because I can sicken others with magical energies, while Flashily Arcane I suffer a -1 penalty to attack one or more targets in my zone with a blast of eerie mystical energies, but if I split shifts between multiple targets the targets each suffer a -1 penalty to defend against my attack. If I succeed with style against any of the targets in all cases I must reduce the stress to get a boost, but the boost is automatically upgraded to the situational Aspect Sickened with two (2) invokes, which is attached to the affected target. This Aspect is automatically invoked at the beginning of subsequent exchanges to inflict two (2) stress to the target per invoke as the magical attack continues to linger; the target cannot defend against this additional stress but may apply any resistances or protection they have such as damage reduction or immunity to magic.

Companion's Senses: Because I share a mystical bond with my animal companion, I may spend a Fate point to share their senses for a scene at a range of a few dozen miles. This allows me to witness events through the senses of my companion as if I were present. This can be detected by others with appropriate senses as a Quick + Primal overcome action vs a Fantastic (+6) difficulty.

Witch's Familiar: Because I have a raven familiar I am always accompanied by a particularly smart and noble looking talking raven, Numin. However, Numin is the repository of all my known spells and if he is killed I cannot cast arcane spells until I get a replacement familiar.