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Shield Of My Blade: Because I have developed my defensive form to a high degree of skill, when I am Carefully Combative and appropriately equipped, if someone else in my zone is physically attacked I may defend on their behalf. However I take any shifts of damage that get past my defenses, rather than the intended target.

Defense Of The Weak (-2): Because I have the strength of my devotion to the edicts of the Order of the Blue Rose, I gain +1 to defend, create an advantage, and overcome actions when I am protecting one or more other persons from harm.

Syr is well equipped and provisioned, and maintains a modest store of coins for expenses. She can call upon her brethren or stop in at a chapter house if need be for more aid in time of need, but her order is a small one and thus perforce the knights are encouraged to fend for themselves as best they can.

Syr wears ornate high-quality field plate incorporating iconogrpahy of the Order of the Blue Rose, which is magnificent to behold. She carries a very sturdy and functional broad sword with a full hilt, which she only draws if forced to but employs with terrible skill and lethality when necessary. She also has a tidy trail kit with essentials for the road.

Syr is a skilled rider, and takes advantage of horseback whenever she can rent or honestly acquire a mount. But she is no stranger to walking, long enured to the weight of her armor and unbothered by it except on the very hottest of days.