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Nomis<br />(Mesnomis Herensen)

Better Lucky Than Good: Because I am unusually lucky, whenever I make a 4dF resolution roll and the result is 0 0 0 0 (all blanks) I treat the outcome as if I had rolled + + + + (all pluses).

Can't We All Just Be Friends?: Because I am charmingly friendly to almost everyone and am good at making friends and calming situations down, I gain +2 whenever I attempt to avoid or end a conflict via non-violence, keep the peace, or improve the 'mood of the room'.

Music Moves Us All: Because I am a naturally gifted singer-songwriter and musician, I gain +2 when I am Flashily Focused and create subtle advantages affecting morale or mental states, or help others overcome challenges by motivating them, when I am able to make music. I can also make long journeys less boring when stealth is not required, and make some spare coin performing at taverns and such.

Though I Abhor Violence, I Am Not Unskilled At It: Because I am the son of a great warrior who tried to mold me in his image, I can be surprisingly effective in a fight if I need to be. Once per session if I am in a conflict, as a non action I may suffer the Mild Consequence I'm A Lover Not A Fighter and spend a Fate point to add the situational Aspects Warrior Legacy and Impenetrable Defense to myself with 4 free invokes each. I can invoke each one once per exchange. Both Aspects are removed at the end of the scene whether I've used all the free invokes or not.