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Eyes of the Ravens: Because I can mentally communicate with Ravens and Crows and share their senses, I may spend a Fate point to control one or more bird spies for a scene at a range of a few dozen miles. This allows me to witness events through the senses of the birds as if I were present. This can be detected by others with appropriate senses as a Quick + Primal overcome action vs a Fantastic (+6) difficulty.

Primal Resistance: Because my primal nature and elemental affinity protects me, I may use Primal to defend against non-Primal magical attacks without needing to first create an advantage to invoke.

Murder of Ravens: Because of my mastery of the Raven Mysteries, I am always accompanied by a murder of ravens that obey and aid me.

Caw Caw Caw, Murder On The Wing

Good At: Distracting (+2), Pecking (+1), Noticing Things (+1)

Bad At: No Thumbs (-2), Indoors (-2)

Hits: [1][1]

Staff of the North: Because I have a Staff of the North, a magical staff attuned to bitter elemental cold and arctic climates, I gain +1 while Cleverly Primal to project blasts of penetrating cold and sharp chunks of ice as an attack against a target within one zone of me. Additionally, while I carry the staff I am unaffected by extreme cold, I can walk on top of snow and ice without penalty, and I gain a +1 bonus to defend against extreme heat and flames. The staff can be disarmed or temporarily taken from me and I am unable to use its abilities until I get it back.