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Hedge Arcanist: Because I practice a more ancient form of Arcane magic that remains connected to the natural world, while Arcane I can cast spells that replicate effects that are usually the province of Primal. Further, I may also add Primal as a bonus to my roll when I do so.

Forbidding Presence: Because I present a very intimidating and stern visage while emanating a frightenting aura, I gain +1 when being Flashy and attempting to frighten or demoralize.

Spiritbinder: Because I am skilled at afflicting others with curses, I get +2 while Arcanely creating advantage by using my magic to put a situational Aspect representing a curse or other temporary magical impediment on a living sentient person or creature. The difficulty to overcome one of my curses with appropriate magic is equal to my (Arcane + Primal) bonuses; the target can also overcome the curse themselves while Carefully Focused but the difficulty is +1 higher. There is no zone restriction on this ability, but I must be able to see my target, and I cannot move zones in the same exchange that I use this ability.