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Draconic Bloodline (-5)

This bloodline requires Forceful +1 and Focused +1 or better to use.

Natural Weapons: Because I have natural weapons and am skilled in their use, I may use Focused instead of Combative when my natural weapons are relevant. In situations where it matters I can choose to be treated as attacking barehanded or attacking with a weapon, whichever benefits me more in the situation. Finally, though I can be inconvenienced and my natural weapons can be fouled or restrained, being disarmed is generally off the table for me.

Supernatural Durability: Because I am descended from one or more supernatural ancestors I am more durable than normal. I reduce by one (1) all non-magical stress inflicted on me.

Spell-like Abilities: Because my lineage grants me innate magical capabilities, I may use my Focused Archetype instead of the Arcane Archetype to activate a small set of specific magical abilities and to intuitively understand magical phenomenon related to my particular lineage. GM's discretion applies.

Breath Weapon (-2): Because I am able to expel a specific kind of breath attack from my mouth, once per scene I may make a special attack affecting all targets (animate and inanimate) in my zone without having to split my shifts between them. In addition to inflicting stress, I can also re-use the results of my attack roll to attempt to overcome or alter a single situtational aspect present in the affected zone if I can narratively justify it; for instance I could overcome an obstruction by destroying it. This attack is non-discriminatory and often causes collateral damage at the GM's discretion, such as modifying ambient descriptors within the affected zone to reflect a damaged or ruined state; for instance a Fancy Hotel Room descriptor aspect might be altered to instead be Scorched Hotel Room.

Descended from a bronze dragon, Malizan can spew an arcing line of electricity from his mouth. He also has some innate spell-like abilities, including the power to communicate with animals, go without food and water and to hold his breath for extended periods of times, and the power to create or manipulate fog.