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Little Wheels Of Death: Because I am so lethal with throwing stars, I gain +1 when I Roguishly attack with throwing stars and similar weapons. I'm also pretty damn good at bar darts.

Storm Of Stars: Because I am so good at hurling multiple throwing stars, when I attack with throwing stars and split shifts between multiple targets the targets each suffer a -1 penalty to defend against my attack.

They Rarely See Me Coming: Because I am so good at sneaking up on people and laying in wait (despite my large size!), I gain +2 when I am Sneakily Roguish and create advantage or overcome when attempting to avoid notice or hide myself.

Poison Master: Because I am a master at using poisons and have built up resistances to many of them over the years, I may use Roguish to justify attack, defend, create advantage, and overcome actions whenever poisons are relevent. Further, I tend to know or can usually find out with little effort where poisons are bought and sold in urban centers.

Former Caravan Guard: Because I worked as a caravan guard and road warden for several years and received martial training, I can use Roguish in place of Combative to defend against mundane, unusual, and magical attacks that cause physical harm.

2 pp, 8 gp, 23 sp, 18 cp, letters of credit from the Cathedral of Abadar bank in Magnimar totalling to 120 gp. Practical armor, many throwing stars and equivalent sharp throwy things, a sturdy pack with a poisoners kit well hidden in a false bottom, fine lockpit set, climbing hooks, a dark grey concealing shawl, misc travel kit.