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Duelist!: Because I am skilled at the art of using weapons such as thinblades, foils, rapiers, epees, sabres, and stilettos (i.e, 'dueling' weapons), I am a surprisingly effective combatant when armed appropriately. Though my fighting style remains agile and even acrobatic at times, when armed with an appropriate weapon I can use Focused in place of Combatives in armed physical conflicts.

Riposte!: Because even my defense is dangerous, whenever I am Flashily Focused and defend with style against a physical melee attack while wielding a dueling weapon I may use the boost to inflict a single point of stress on my attacker, immediately, as a free action.

The Guantlet Has Been Thrown!: Because I am incorrigibly competitive and driven to win, I gain +2 while Flashily Focused to create advantage or overcome when engaged in any kind of one on one physical, mental, or social contest, ranging from duels to drinking contests to arm wrestling bouts to put-down matches to poker face offs and more.

Corsair!: Because I am a skilled corsair and an old sea salt, I gain +1 to all actions when at sea. I also never, ever, get matter how much booze I've swilled or how hard the chop.

She had a pile of money just two days ago, won at the tables...sadly she bet and lost most of it an hour later, and has drunk the remainder since. She currently has 3 sp, 16 cp and (inexplicably) two dried lima beans, a button to somebody else's coat, and some lint in her pocket.

She also has a seabag containing a couple of spare pairs of fine sailing outfits, a journal with a spotty and unreliable account of her deeds, and a broken music box that only has three and a half working teeth and thus plays a rather jagged tune. Even on land she wears a jaunty tri-corner hat suitable to a second-mate-for-hire, and always, always carries a deceptively deadly rapier with a fancy basket hilt, and keeps a stiletto well tucked away.