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Gnome (-2)

Small Folk: Because I am small and usually able to avoid notice, I gain +2 when being Sneakily Roguish.

Small Target: Because I am a small target and difficult to hit, I gain +1 to defend against targeted attacks.

Skilled Illusionist: Because I am skilled at using my illusions to hide the truth, I get +2 when I am Arcane and create an advantage using illusion magics to deceive.

Physically Frail (+1): Because I am not physically strong, I suffer -1 to all 4dF resolutions that involve lifting or moving physical objects or applying physical force, and suffer one (1) additional stress from blunt force trauma.

Elemental Fire Bloodline (-1)

Pyromancer: Because I have mastered the ancient magics of the Element of Fire, I may combine my Arcane and Primal Archetypes when I am casting spells or defending against spells related to fire, heat, combustion, and so forth.

Ray of Fire: Because I am able to project a ray of fire at will, I gain +1 when I am Flashily Arcane and attack with ranged magic. If I get a boost while attacking in this way, I may upgrade the boost to apply the Aspect On Fire! with two (2) invokes on it to the target.

Vulnerable To Cold and Ice (+1): Because I am vulnerable to cold and ice, I suffer one (1) additional stress from all cold and ice based attacks.

Handy Haversack!: Because I have a magical satchel that is much bigger on the inside than on the outside, I can carry a large amount of supplies as long as each item can fit through the opening of the bag (which is about half a meter across at full expansion). I can Carefully overcome against a Fair (+2) difficulty to retrieve anything I've explicitly put into it; failure just means I have to keep rooting around looking for the item with additional actions. With the GM's permission I can also spend a Fate point to pull out a mundane item that can fit through the opening of the satchel that I haven't explictly put in but 'happen to have'.