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Boreal Bloodline (-5)

Hedge Arcanist: Because I practice a more ancient form of Arcane magic that remains connected to the natural world, while Arcane I can cast spells that replicate effects that are usually the province of Primal. Further, I may also add Primal as a bonus to my roll when I do so.

Enervating Cold: Because I am able to drain the life energy from others with intense cold, if I inflict a Consequence on a target with cold or ice based magics I afflict them with enervation and ennui. Consequences such as Easily Fatigued, Frostbitten, Debilitating Shivers, and Cold Stiffened Limbs cause those afflicted to struggle to take even basic physical and mental actions, struggle against cold-numbness, and so forth.

Freezing Bolt: Because I can offensively focus blistering coldness, I gain +1 to attack while Flashily Arcane by projecting a ray of freezing cold air and ice shards at an opponent within two (2) zones of me. If I get a boost, it is automatically upgraded to the Aspect Numbed By Cold with two (2) invokes on it. This aspect can be overcome as a Great (+4) challenge.

Icy Shield: Because I am able to create a shield of hardened ice to protect myself, I gain +2 to defend against physical and elemental attacks while Quick if I am aware of the attack and able to move. This ability does not work in hot and dry environments.

Immune To Cold: Because I am immune to cold, I am unaffected by any malign effect that relies on cold.