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Heavy Armor Training: Because I have extensively trained to properly use heavy armor, I gain +1 to defend against non-social attacks when I am heavily armored.

Polearm Master: Because I have trained many hundreds of hours with polearms of various kinds, I gain +1 to attack or defend when armed with a polearm and have enough room to wield it effectively.

Whirlwind Attack (-3): Because I am a potent warrior, when I am Flashily Combative and attack with a suitable weapon I may affect all enemy targets in my zone without having to split my shifts between them. However if I use this ability more than once per conflict I take a cumulative -1 penalty to my 4dF attack roll for each time I've previously used the ability in the current conflict.

Farwyn has a sack of coins, what's left of the first prize winnings of a tourney he won months ago in Absalom. But it wont last forever, and Farwyn is determined to follow it up with some kind of payday. Thus, he seeks any sort of opportunity where he can apply his truly impressive martial mastery in return for at least a chance at another big purse.

Farwyn wears an incredibly well crafted suit of heavy field armor that belonged to his mentor but which he had adjusted for his own use. He also carries a sword and a backup dagger, as well as a crossbow. However, though he is lethal with practically any weapon, Farwyn's favored weapon is a glaive. He carries a large one, and in his skilled hands the ungainly weapon becomes truly fearsome.