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Cross-bone Blades (-2): Because I am so skilled at dual-wielding two weapons, I gain +1 when I am Combative and attack or defend while armed appropriately. Additionally if I make a physical attack while armed appropriately and split shifts between exactly two opponents, I inflict +1 shift of additional damage to each target.

Keep Lying To Me: Because I am so skilled at sensing people's true motives, I gain +2 when I am Cleverly Roguish and attempt to discern if I am being deceived or tricked.

Urban Opportunist: Because I am so adept at taking advantage of situational opportunities in civilized settlements, I gain +1 when I am Roguish and create advantage or overcome to interact with the area or scene while I am in typical urban areas.

Acrobatic Fighting: Because I am excellent at acrobatically flipping around and tumbling to good advantage while in combat, when I am engaged in a conflict I may add my Focused bonus to Combatives when I am able to make my acrobatics relevant.

One Against Many: Because I am skilled at defending myself against multiple attackers, I gain +2 to defend when I fight alone against two or more opponents. A single mook defined as a mob counts as being multiple opponents for purposes of this ability as long as there are two or more 'individuals' within the mob. 'Fighting alone' in this context means no allies are in my zone or an adjacent zone, and no ally is aiding me or attacking my opponents.

Quick Strike: Because I am fast and accurate, I get +3 when I am Quickly Combative and attack an opponent that has not yet gone in this exchange.

Slip Away (-2): Because I am excellent at getting away with it and slipping away unseen, if there is a momentary distraction or opportunity I may spend a Fate point to immediately exit the scene by means appropriate to the narrative such as slippling away into a crowd, or through a hidden door to a secret escape hatch I happened to know about, or by using a magic item I happened to have, etc. I cannot be pursued in the current scene.

Though he has had many successes, as quickly as Eleo beheads one crime boss or uproots one gang it seems like at least two more sprout up to fill the void, like some kind of metaphorical hydra of illicit activities. But Eleo has come to accept that his personal struggle may well continue indefinitely until he dies.

And he has a new nemesis to seek; as the years have passed and his war has progressed Eleo has become increasingly convinced that there is a dark hand at work behind a significant fraction of the illegal enterprises of Magnimar. Though he has often dug hard into snitches and informants to garner more information to confirm his suspicions, Eleo has thus far found only vapor and rumor. But recently he has uncovered a name to attach to this bogeyman of the undgeround..."The Forever Man", and Eleo has redoubled his efforts to uncover the mastermind he has long sought.

Eleo has accumulated significant resources in his one man war on crime, but he gives much of what he confiscates to various charities or as anonymous gifts directly to the needy. He keeps enough back to fund his shadowy crusade and lives frugally. He has cleared out several lairs in the underground of Magnimar that he has secured and uses as secret hidey holes, and has a couple of safehouses in Korvosa.

Eleo carries two mildly magical and exquisitely crafted curved swords named Unguis and Urticae. The magic of the blades is mild but neither will ever rust and they remain magically sharp as well as resistant to damage. They also represent a significant personal triumph to Eleo and have sentimental value to him, as he claimed them by defeating his father the infamous crime lord Eliah Veneto.

Eleo also has several back-up daggers, and wears fine medium hybrid armor and well-fitted stalker boots underneath a hooded jerkin. He keeps a low profile and looks the part of a street criminal, a guise he uses to good advantage to observe the goings on of the criminal underground.