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Cross-bone Blades (-2): Because I am so skilled at dual-wielding two weapons, I gain +1 when I am Combative and attack or defend while armed appropriately. Additionally if I make a physical attack while armed appropriately and split shifts between exactly two opponents, I inflict +1 shift of additional damage to each target.

Keep Lying To Me: Because I am so skilled at sensing people's true motives, I gain +2 when I am Cleverly Roguish and attempt to discern if I am being deceived or tricked.

Urban Opportunist: Because I am so adept at taking advantage of situational opportunities in civilized settlements, I gain +1 when I am Roguish and create advantage or overcome to interact with the area or scene while I am in typical urban areas.

Acrobatic Fighting: Because I am excellent at acrobatically flipping around and tumbling to good advantage while in combat, when I am engaged in a conflict I may add my Focused bonus to Combatives when I am able to make my acrobatics relevant.

One Against Many: Because I am skilled at defending myself against multiple attackers, I gain +2 to defend when I fight alone against two or more opponents. A single mook defined as a mob counts as being multiple opponents for purposes of this ability as long as there are two or more 'individuals' within the mob. 'Fighting alone' in this context means no allies are in my zone or an adjacent zone, and no ally is aiding me or attacking my opponents.

Eleo has had a lot of ups and downs in the last few years, always operating on the fringe. Several times he's lost what few things he owned and had to get by with whatever he could scrounge. He even lost his blades and his armor and spent most of a year locked in a cell in the prison of Magnimar...aka "The Hells"...after getting arrested for property damage caused during one of his many struggles against street gangs.

But what Eleo has gained is worth far more than what he lost. First and foremost Eleo learned that even when everything has been stripped away he is a true survivor with no weakness of character or fragility of ego; he can take whatever life throws at him and remain intact mentally and emotionally.

Even more importantly, Eleo learned that it is not simply enough for him to walk away from the life of crime he was born to; Eleo's destiny requires him to actively fight against the cancer upon society that is organized crime. Perhaps there is a greater purpose to it, or not, but it is Eleo's self-chosen purpose in life; he emerged from the crucible of The Hells as a new man dedicated to seeking out criminal injustice to set things right.

More practically, his life was in constant danger while in The Hells as he was incarcerated along with the criminals he was fighting, and they turned many of the other inmates against him. Eleo honed his reflexes, improved his situational awareness, and developed a knack for acrobatically leveraging his surroundings while avoiding shivs in the back and encounters with packs of hostile inmates.

Eleo currently carries a collection of daggers, a short sword, and wears bits and pieces of armor that he scrounged off the bodies of defeated criminals. His only luxury is a pair of well made boots fitted to his own feet, as fancy footwork and mobility are integral to Eleo's fighting style. He had to wear other people's looted shoes for too long, and he'd prefer to never again suffer that particular handicap.