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Veteran Of Many Wars (-2): Because I have engaged in so much combat, I gain +1 when I am Combative and attack.

Dwarven Resilience: Because I am attuned to my Dwarven nature, once per session if I would take a Consequence I may instead spend a Fate point to avoid it. When I do this I also get a free invoke on my Dwarf Race Aspect.

Armorine: Because I am trained as a Dwarven Armorine, if I get a boost when I am Carefully Combative while attacking I may use it to create the situational Aspect Defensive Posture on myself with two (2) invokes.

Retribution: Because my retribution is terrible when I succesfully attack an opponent who has inflicted stress or consequences upon me in the current conflict I inflict +1 shift more damage and this damage cannot be reduced.

Dwyth currently has a fat purse with over ten fistfulls of precious pieces of platinum, a handful of lustrous gold, and a seasoning of silver that he keeps wrapped up in the center of his pack and which he never allows to be out of arms reach. He keeps a separate purse on his belt with a clutch of silver and copper for incidentals.

Dwyth is armed with a wickedly edged Dwarven battle ax and a sturdy dagger. He wears expertly made heavy Dwarven armor with a huge left blocking guantlet upon which he is able to absorb and deflect punishing strikes.