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Arcane Senses: Because I have developed my arcane senses to impressive heights, I may use Arcane instead of Focused to notice or perceive things and I can sense things that require mystical awareness to detect.

This stunt requires Arcane +1 or better to use.

Staves Are Just So Useful: Because I have learned to put my staff to good use, I gain +1 when I am Careful and narratively describe how my staff helps me. This can be used to aid me in my spell casting as well as to fend off pesky attackers, or whatever fits the story.

Behold, The Globe Of Invulnerability: Because I have mastered a potent magical discipline, when I am Carefully Arcane I can spend a Fate point to allow create an advantage to add the situational Aspect Globe Of Invulnerability with two (2) invokes to myself for the remainder of the scene (and perhaps longer). I can add more invokes to this Aspect by being Carefully Arcane and creating an advantage against a difficulty of Great (+4). While this Aspect is available I can invoke it to use Carefully Arcane to defend against any kind of attack affecting me or the area immediately around me (including any allies). This Aspect can be overcome and removed by a character with Arcane, Divine, or Primal of +4 or higher opposed by a Legendary (+8) difficulty.

This stunt requires Arcane +4 or better to use.

Prepared Caster (Arcane)

Because of my studies as a classically trained arcanist, each morning I may 'prepare' a number of 'spells' equal to ((Careful + Clever) * Arcane).

To prepare a spell I roll 4dF against a Mediocre (+0) difficulty, adding a preparation bonus equal to double my Arcane bonus.

I temporarily gain a new personal Aspect corresponding to the spell I prepared with one invoke, and annotated with the margin of success.

Later during the day I may 'cast' a prepared spell by invoking its Aspect as an action and resolving the spell using the previously rolled margin of success.

Using Spell Write-ups

If I am preparing a spell from a write-up that indicates an Approach be combined with Arcane to cast the spell, with language such as 'while Cleverly Arcane', I ignore the requirement and use my prepared bonus instead.

If I am preparing a spell from a write-up that states a particular difficulty level, with language such as 'vs a Good (+3) difficulty)', the previously rolled margin of success is applied against the stated difficulty when I 'cast' it; any remaining shifts can be allocated per the simple magic guidelines.

It is possible for a spell resolution to fail if the margin of success is insufficient to the difficulty or if I am opposed successfully. I can spend a Fate point at this time to add +2 shifts to the margin of success.

Unfortunately due to my focus on prepared casting, I cannot free cast anything other than simple arcane spells known as cantrips.

At my current level of arcane skill, I can prepare twelve (12) spells per day, and I gain a +8 preparation bonus when I do so.

Note: If a player chooses to play Amarzedrin, they should select twentyfour (24) or so spells for Amarzedrin's spell book. Alternately, with the GM's permission, the player could select enough spells to start the game and retroactively add more to the list of known spells as they are thought up until around twentyfour have been selected.

Amarzedrin currently carries 5 pp, 23 gp, 14 sp, 41 cp in various belt pouches. He wears sturdy wizardly robes that conceal many little pockets, practical pants, and fancy but comfortable boots. He has a really nice staff, and also a small but very sharp and well hidden dagger. He also, of course, has various wizardly accoutrements, ink, quills, paper, several spell books, and miscellaneous material components.