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Rise of the Runelords

From the idyllically peaceful coastal town of Sandpoint to an ancient lost city at the top of the world, Rise of the Runelords takes a party of adventurers from young adventurers to hardened veterans, and delves into the deep mysteries of Varisia's ancient Thassilonian past.

Millennia ago, the powerful empire of Thassilon ruled the land, dominated by despotic runelords who maintained their power through harnessing the power of rune magic. Thought gone forever, the workings of Thassilon are not so far beneath the surface and one of the runelords plans a return to power. Only the brave adventurers stand in his way.

GM's Resources

The intent of this material is for a GM to use a copy of a published Paizo product for the structure of an adventure (The Rise Of The Runelords Adventure Path in this case), with the Pathfinder FAE guidelines presented within this site and the Pathfinder FAE versions of the monsters, NPC's, traps, and so forth encountered in the adventure that are provided below.

The main advantage to "borrowing" Pathfinder material for use in a Fate Accelerated game is that it allows a GM to easily take advantage of the many high quality professional resources published by Paizo such as maps, pawns, and artwork, but using a much lighter weight story based game engine with dynamic resolutions. Additionally, players that like Pathfinder that might not otherwise be interested in trying Fate Accelerated can be enticed to give Pathfinder FAE a shot and thus become introduced to the game.

We've had a lot of fun running a variety of games in this way, both using published adventures as well as homebrewed scenarios based in Golarion. We hope that others might find similar fun for themselves reusing the material.