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Tsuto Kajitsu

Impressive Reflexes: Because I have excellent reflexes, I gain +1 while Quickly attacking.

Thunderous Jab: Because I have learned how to throw a vicious punch, whenever I am Quickly Focused and attack barehanded, if I succeed with style and choose to reduce the damage I inflict to get a boost I may use that boost to apply the situational Aspect Staggered! to my target with two (2) invokes. The target can remove this Aspect by overcoming a Superb (+5) difficulty.

Hip Shot: Because I am skilled at rapidly shooting arrows, I gain +2 when I am Quickly Roguish and attack with a short bow or hand crossbow.

Mobile Strike: Because I have a fast-moving agile fighting style, whenever I am Quickly Roguish and attack, if I succeed with style and choose to reduce the damage I inflict to get a boost I may use that boost to immediately move 1 zone away, as a free action. If I also spend a Fate point I may move an additional zone further away.

Tumbler: Because I am excellent at acrobatically flipping around and tumbling, if I am in a conflict and do nothing in an exchange except move, I may move an additional zone and I am unobstructed by minor obstacles that I can tumble around or flip over. If I am in a contest involving me running away from something or avoiding capture, I gain +1 to overcome while I am Quick.

Potion In A Flask, Faintly Magical (Healing)

Benefit: A character may drink the potion as an action to 'cast' the spell Heal on themselves. Treat this as if the overcome attempt succeeded with two (2) shifts of effect.

Uses: [1]

Each usage box indicates a seperate use or application and each use expends a usage box; when there are none left the item is expended.

Divine Spell (Healing)

While Carefully Divine I may attempt to clear a specific stress box or consequence by overcoming a difficulty equal to the numerical value of the stress box or Consequence.

6 pouches of gold dust worth approximately 300 gp, 8 pouches of silver dust worth approximately 40 gp, a pair of silver earrings worth approximately 25 gp, well made flute, well made thieves tools, fancy ring, composite short bow and a bunch of arrows. A journal with his deepest darkest thoughts and risque sketches of Nualia.