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Chapter 1 NPC's and Opponents

Goblin Mooks: various goblin mooks for fun and slaying.

Goblin Warchanter: goblin bards, basically.

Goblin Commando: much more deadly than usual goblin champions. Not to be taken lightly, they are dangerous and can kill starting PC's.

Gresgurt: a goblin stranded in Sandpoint after the failed goblin raid, half mad with fear and hunger.

Putrescent Ambulatory Corpse, Corporeal Undead, Feeling No Pain, BRAAAAINS!!!!

Good At: Being Scary And Gross (+2), Melee (+2), Resist Damage (+4)

Bad At: Resist Headshots And Burst Damage (-2), Being Quick Or Nimble (-2)

Hits: [1]  

Up to ten (10) zombies will fight as a mob; add one (1) hit boxes per zombie.

+1 attack for every three (3) zombies remaining in the mob.

Treacherous And Rickety, Rigged To Collapse Under Weight

Challenge: Collapses if more than 300 lbs is on the bridge. Difficulty to get across unobserved is Fantastic (+6)

Lesser Challenge: Difficulty to get across unobserved while Quickly Focused or Sneakily Primal is only Good (+3)