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Darkvision: Because I have Darkvision I can see perfectly in total darkness.

Terrifying Leadership: Because I have terrified my minions into obedience, they will not break while I am still alive no matter how dire the situation gets.

Caveigator (-3): Because I have raised a caveigator since it hatched I am accompanied by a loyal caveigator pet.

Magical Mace (-2): Because I have a mildly magical weapon, I gain +1 when Combative to attack and defend while wielding it.

Summoning Difficulty: +7

Ferocity, Strong Jaws

Good At: Biting (+2), Being Tough (+2)

Bad At: Climbing And Jumping (-2)

Stress [1][2][3]

Mild (2)

Do not treat as a mob.


Tough Hide: Because I have a tough hide I reduce by one (1) all stress inflicted on me as damage by physical attacks, and when I defend against physical attacks and tie my opponent does not get a boost.

Uggilo has a jade (un)holy symbol of Zevgavizeb (a coiled clawed tentacle). He also has a small sack filled with pearls (a dozen in all, each worth at least 100 gp); where he got them might forever remain a mystery...perhaps from a shipwreck.

However, his prize possession is a crude but magical mace that is a tribal treasure passed down to Uggilo when the previous tribal priest died.

Potion In A Flask, Faintly Magical (Healing)

Benefit: A character may drink the potion as an action to 'cast' the spell Heal on themselves. Treat this as if the overcome attempt succeeded with four (4) shifts of effect.

Uses: [1]

Each dose is kept in a seperate flask.

Each usage box indicates a seperate use or application and each use expends a usage box; when there are none left the item is expended.

Divine Spell (Healing)

While Carefully Divine I may attempt to clear a specific stress box or consequence by overcoming a difficulty equal to the numerical value of the stress box or Consequence.