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Swamp Fighter: Because I am so adept at fighting within swampy areas and using my environment effectively, I may add Primal as a bonus when I am Combative in swamps and marshlands.

Amphibious Swimmer: Because I am amphibious, I may add my Primal capability bonus when I am Focused while swimming. Additionally, while swimming underwater I can hold my breath for an entire scene before having to come up for air.

Swamp Stride: Because of my mastery of the natural world, I gain +1 when I am Sneakily Primal while in swamps and marshlands, I am unobstructed by undergrowth and areas of water, and if I take a full move I may move three zones instead of two. Finally, tracking me in swampy areas is very difficult; those attempting it must overcome a difficulty equal to my ((Sneaky + Primal) * 3).

Skilled Archer: Because I am a skilled archer, I gain +1 when I am using any sort of bow and arrow or crossbow to attack.

Terrifying Croak: Because I am able to make a terrifying noise, I gain +1 when being Flashy and attempting to frighten or demoralize. Alternately, once per scene if I move a zone and attack while Flashy I may also attempt to create advantage to frighten or demoralize everyone in the same zone as my target as a free action.

Troglodyte-Bane: Because I hate Humanoid Reptiles more than anything in the whole wide world, when I succesfully attack a Humanoid Reptile I inflict +1 shift of stress.

Bane Arrows: Because I possess a clutch of Bane Arrows, I am especially lethal against a specific kind of opponent when I use them.

Faintly Magical (Necromancy, Transmutation), Fell-looking

Benefit: +2 to attacking a target of the chosen type (+2), Range: four (4) zones

Uses: [1]

A Bane Arrow can only be destroyed by magic, but can be removed from use. Each shot expends a usage box, but each arrow can be recovered and thus restore a usage.