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Flail of Finality: Because I wield a flail as a form of reverence for my patron deity Groetus, the Harbinger of Last Days, he of the Last Moon, God of the End Times I may use Divine instead of Combative when attacking with a flail or morning star of any kind. If the flail head(s) are shaped like a skull, once per session I may reroll a failed attack when using the weapon.

Smite: Because I have been granted the ability to smite those who stand against me by my patron deity, I gain +1 while Combative to strike down a foe within my zone whose nature is anathemic to my patron deity; further if my attack inflicts a consequence I gain an additional free invoke on it.

Vision of Madness: Because I have been granted the ability to grant others a chilling vision of madness by my patron deity, I gain +1 while Divine to create advantage on a foe within my zone to place the situational Aspect Vision of Madness upon them. The recipient may invoke the Aspect to gain a bonus on any action that involves causing damage or wreaking some kind of havoc or chaos, but each time they do another free invoke is added that only an opponent can invoke. Each time an opponent uses such an invoke, the recipient gets another free invoke. This cycle can repeat itself any number of times. The Aspect lasts for a scene but can be overcome by Divine magic as a Superb (+5) difficulty challenge. The recipient themselves can also overcome the Aspect while Carefully Focused as a Fantastic (+6) difficulty challenge.