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Darkvision: Because I have Darkvision I can see perfectly in total darkness.

Water Breather: Because I am able to breath underwater and I am comfortable when in aquatic environments, I am able to breath underwater indefinitely even if unconscious and I gain +1 to create advantage and overcome while in the water.

Fast Swimmer: Because I am a fast swimmer, I may move an extra zone for free when swimming and this does not prevent me from attacking. Alternately, if I do nothing but move while swimming I may use this ability to move two (2) extra zones.

Damage Reduction: Because I am more durable than normal, I reduce by one (1) all stress inflicted on me by physical and magical attacks.

Natural Weapons: Because I have natural weapons and am skilled in their use, I may use Focused instead of Combative when my natural weapons are relevant. In situations where it matters I can choose to be treated as attacking barehanded or attacking with a weapon, whichever benefits me more in the situation. Finally, though I can be inconvenienced and my natural weapons can be fouled or restrained, being disarmed is generally off the table for me.

Forbidding Presence: Because I present a very intimidating and stern visage while emanating a frightenting aura, I gain +1 when being Flashy and attempting to frighten or demoralize.

Evil Eye: Because I can hex others with the power of the Evil Eye, I gain +2 while Arcanely creating advantage to attach the spell Aspect The Eye Is Upon You to a person or creature in my zone that I can see. This spell Aspect lasts until it has no more invokes remaining or it is overcome. Anyone in the scene may invoke this Aspect to penalize or interfere with the target's actions.

Spell Mastery (Hideous Laughter)

Because I have mastered the Hideous Laughter spell, whenever I am being Arcane and gain a boost I may use that boost to add two (2) additional free invokes to any Hideous Laughter situational Aspects that I have put into play (if any).

Hedge Arcanist: Because I practice a more ancient form of Arcane magic that remains connected to the natural world, while Arcane I can cast spells that replicate effects that are usually the province of Primal. Further, I may also add Primal as a bonus to my roll when I do so.

Magical Longspear (-2): Because I have a magical weapon, I gain +1 when Combative to attack and defend while wielding it.