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Darkvision: Because I have Darkvision I can see perfectly in total darkness.

Detect Good: Because I am sensitive to ethical and moral propensities, I am able to sense strong concentrations of virtue and goodness in individuals, objects, and areas from six (6) zones away even if the source in not detectable to my other senses. Additionally, I gain +2 to notice relevant concentrations of goodness while Focused.

Demonic Immunity (-3): Because of my demonic nature, I am immune to electricity, fire, disease, and poison. However, positive energy inflicts 2 extra shifts of stress against me.

Can't We Find A Way To 'Work This Out' Non-violently?: Because I am able to appeal to the baser instincts of most people and appear extremely 'likeable', I'm good at avoiding unwanted conflict and changing the nature of interaction from physical conflict to a mental and social contest. I gain +2 whenever I attempt to avoid or end a conflict via non-violence.

Seductive Domination: Because I have the ability to take control of the minds of others by seducing them, while I am Sneakily Focused I can employ a vaneer of seduction or other predatory social wiles against a living target in my zone that I am in close contact with. Each exchange I continue my seduction I may make mental attacks against the target. Consequences inflicted by this ability pertain to my gaining increasing control over the target's mind. If the target concedes to me, the target must do as I command in general but retains enough control to avoid doing anything fundamentally against their nature (i.e. they may resist one of my commands if they have a relevant Aspect). If the target is taken out with this ability I assume full control of the target's behavior until they are able to recover from the Consequences. This is a mind-affecting ability.

This stunt requires Focused +3 or better to use.

Mantle Of Abyssal Power (-2): Because I am invested with Abyssal power that cloaks and protects me, I gain +1 when Sneaky to create advantage or overcome to avoid notice, and I may use Focused to defend against magic.

Life Energy Drain: Because I am able to drain the life energy from those I touch, if I inflict a Consequence on a target by hitting or touching them I afflict them with enervation and ennui. Consequences such as Easily Fatigued, Fits Of Ennui, Prone To Depression, and Sunk Into A Deep Funk cause those afflicted to struggle to motivate and empower themselves, to unexpectedly lose interest in being active, become unconcerned about succeeding in their endeavors, and so forth.

Healed By Draining Life Energies (-3): Because I am strengthened by draining the life forces of others, whenever I successfully use Life Energy Drain to give a target a Consequence I may clear one of my own stress boxes or a Consequence with a numerical value equal to or less than the numerical value of the Consequnce I inflicted.

Searing Guisarme: Because I have a magical guisarme, I am able to use its abilities to aid me in my adventures.

Magical Guisarme, Strong Magic (Evocation)

Good At: Sweeping Strikes (+2)

Bad At: Tight Spaces (-2)

Stress [1][2][3]

Mild (2)

Searing Blade: Because I have a magical glaive with fiery magical properties, if I succeed with style when attacking with it I inflict 1 additional shift of damage that cannot be reduced.

Compared to serving as the mind of a glass golem, the freedom to wander the Lady's Light and,during nights beneath a new moon the surrounding hinterlands at first seemed to be a fantastic freedom to Ashamintallu, but soon this constrained existence proved itself to be nearly as intolerable.

In our campaign, Ayandamahla and Avalexi from the Dawn of the Scarlet Sun adventure were combined into the same character, retaining the name Avalexi. Additionally, Ashamintallu is not under any sort of compulsion and is a willing participant in her mother's larger schemes to acquire the Shards of Sin and build a power base.

Years wore into centuries during the Age of Darkness, and whereas her mother managed to use her time to focus on a method of escape, Ashamintallu instead fell victim to a powerful curse layed upon the Shard of Lust by its previous owner, the devious Runelord Sorshen. Over the course of thousands of years this curse has become entwined with Ashamintallu's psyche. Today Ashamintallu fully believes that she is the Runelord Sorshen reborn, and hopes some day to throw off the shackles that bind her to the Lady's Light so that she might return to the world and launch her empire anew.

Unfortunately for Ashamintallu the curse also tends to make her easily distracted, forgetful, and capricious. Her life in the Lady's Light has been a long series of dalliances with those unfortunate enough to wander into the ruined monolith or to encounter her on one of those moonless nights along the Lady's Cape, alternating with periods of depression during which she spends years asleep in her boudoir. Though she desires freedom, in truth she is likely cursed to be trapped within the Lady's Light for the remainder of her existence.

Ashamintallu doesn't carry much in the way of kit unless she has a particular need for something. However she does have access to a stash of magical treasures secreted around the Lady's Light, most notably the items detailed in section M4: Arcane Oubliette in the Lady's Light adventure.

Ashamintallu wields a magical guisarme that might find a new home in the possession of a conquering hero.