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Elusive Target: Because I am so tiny and elusive. I may always use Focused to defend against physical and magical attacks, if I am aware of my attacker. This doesn't work against similar sized opponents or attacks that affect an entire zone.

Constructed Senses (-2): Because I perceive the world via magical sensors, I can see perfectly in total darkness, even if I am 'blinded'. Additionally, I can sense invisibile things that are near me; I gain +2 while Focused to overcome any Aspect related to invisibility or a similar effect within my zone.

Construct Resistances (-5): Because I am a construct I am immune to death effects, disease, mental effects, paralysis, poison, sleep, stun, and energy drain. I also don't need to breathe and never get tired.

Poisoned Bite: Because I have a poisonous bite, once per conflict I may gain +4 while Quickly Focused to create the advantage Poisoned on a target within my zone.