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Fast Healing: Because I heal extremely quickly, I reduce by 2 all stress inflicted on me by physical and magical attacks. I appear to take damage but it 'heals' almost immediately in an impressive and potentially intimidating display. However, this does not work versus stress inflicted as damage by a specific reasonably common kind of attack and in fact I take +1 shift of stress from such attacks.

The kind of attack I am vulnerable to is silver weapons.

Poisoned Bladescarf: Because I weild a bladescarf that I've laced with poison, if I attack an opponent with it while Quickly Roguish and get a boost, I may upgrade that boost to attach the situational Aspect Fast-acting Poison to my opponent with two (2) invokes.

Skulker: Because I am so good at escaping notice, I get +2 while I am Sneakily Roguish and create advantage or overcome challenges to avoid notice.

Ayala wears masterwork studded leather, wields a high quality bladed scarf and a mastercrafted composite shortbow. She has a climbers kit, grappling hook and 50 feet of silk rope, a second story harness, and masterwork thieves tools. Additionally she has several tanglefoot bags and isn't afraid to use them.

Alchemical Annoyance, Faintly Magical (Transmutation)

Benefit: +2 while Quickly Focused to create advantage on a target that I can detect and have a line of sight to within two (2) zones. If I am successful I attach the situational Aspect Trapped By Tanglefoot Goo! to the target with three (3) invokes which roots them in their current zone and can cause flying targets to plummet if they use winged flight. This Aspect can be removed by overcoming a Good (+4) difficulty, but each failed attempt to overcome it expends an invoke..
     However when it is expended or removed a second situational Aspect, Tanglefoot Goo Residue!, is attached to the target with four (4) invokes. The second Aspect prevents the target from moving more than one (1) zone per action, and they cannot both move and attack. The second Aspect can be removed by overcoming a Superb (+6) difficulty, but each failed attempt to overcome it expends an invoke.

Uses: [1][1][1]

Each usage box indicates a seperate use or application and each use expends a usage box; when there are none left the item is expended.

The user must be able to throw the tanglefoot bag at the target.