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Darkvision: Because I have Darkvision I can see perfectly in total darkness.

Detect Good: Because I am sensitive to ethical and moral propensities, I am able to sense strong concentrations of virtue and goodness in individuals, objects, and areas from six (6) zones away even if the source in not detectable to my other senses. Additionally, I gain +2 to notice relevant concentrations of goodness while Focused.

Demonic Durability: Because my demonic nature makes me much more durable than normal, I reduce by two (2) all stress inflicted on me by physical attacks. However this does not work against magic, cold iron, or weapons blessed by a benign deity.

Demonic Immunity (-3): Because of my demonic nature, I am immune to electricity, fire, disease, and poison. However, positive energy inflicts 2 extra shifts of stress against me.

Fiendish Teleportation (-2): Because of my fiendish nature I am able to teleport myself. Once per scene as an action I can remove myself from the scene by teleporting elsewhere. My range is limited to somewhere within approximately five hundred (500) miles of my current location.

Universal Linguist: Because I have a special ability with languages, I can fluently speak and understand any spoken language I encounter.

Can't We Find A Way To 'Work This Out' Non-violently?: Because I am able to appeal to the baser instincts of most people and appear extremely 'likeable', I'm good at avoiding unwanted conflict and changing the nature of interaction from physical conflict to a mental and social contest. I gain +2 whenever I attempt to avoid or end a conflict via non-violence.

Seductive Domination: Because I have the ability to take control of the minds of others by seducing them, while I am Sneakily Focused I can employ a vaneer of seduction or other predatory social wiles against a living target in my zone that I am in close contact with. Each exchange I continue my seduction I may make mental attacks against the target. Consequences inflicted by this ability pertain to my gaining increasing control over the target's mind. If the target concedes to me, the target must do as I command in general but retains enough control to avoid doing anything fundamentally against their nature (i.e. they may resist one of my commands if they have a relevant Aspect). If the target is taken out with this ability I assume full control of the target's behavior until they are able to recover from the Consequences. This is a mind-affecting ability.

This stunt requires Focused +3 or better to use.

Profane Gift: Because of my demonic nature, once per day I can attach the Aspect Profane Gift with two (2) invokes to a single person I am in intimate contact with. While this Aspect is active the recipient may invoke it for a +2 bonus to any action they are attempting. Further, I can make telepathic contact with the recipient and if they are dominated by me I can issue commands via this contact. The Aspect lasts one day, can be detected by those with special senses as a Superb (+5) challenge, and can be removed by those with applicable Arcane abjuration or Divine abilities by overcoming a Superb (+5) challenge.

Mantle Of Abyssal Power (-2): Because I am invested with Abyssal power that cloaks and protects me, I gain +1 when Sneaky to create advantage or overcome to avoid notice, and I may use Focused to defend against magic.

Blade Of Abyssal Flame (-3): Because of my demonic nature I can conjure a flaming magical longsword at will; I gain +1 to attack and defend and can use Focused in place of Combatives while wielding it. If I get a boost while attacking or defending with it, I may upgrade the boost to apply the Aspect Abyssal Flame! with two (2) invokes on it to the opponent I am engaged with.

Summon Babau (-3): Because of my fiendish nature, once per session as an action I can summon a babau demon and command it to serve me for a scene. See the Babau Demon profile for details.

Murderously Lethal, Outsider

Good At: Cruel Murder (+6), Jumping (+3), Stealth (+3)

Bad At: Resisting Divine (-2), Self-Restraint (-2)

Stress [1][2][3]

Mild (2)

Moderate (4)

Severe (6)

The babau is an assassin, a murderer, and a sadist—certainly not traits unusual in the demons, yet the babau's penchant for stealth and surprise sets it apart from its generally less-subtle kin. With no need to eat (although most babaus relish the flavor of mortal meat on their thin, raspy tongues), a babau can wait in ambush for years or decades—their inhuman patience in anticipating a well-conceived murder also setting them apart from the other denizens of the Abyss.

Babau Demon

Babaus obsess over the act of killing and take great pride in their grisly art, often leaving behind some form of grim marker or obscure signature, whether it be a distinctive modus operandi, an unnerving token, or other profane evidence.

A babau typically carries a longspear or other weapon with which it can strike at foes beyond its normal reach, but given the opportunity, a babau prefers to fight with its teeth or claws. The foul, caustic sludge that constantly seeps from their flesh prevents them from wearing armor unless it is specially treated or resistant to acid.

A babau is 6 feet tall but weighs only 140 pounds. They form from mortal souls of lone killers—those who, in life, took pleasure in more personal and intimate murders. Loosed upon the Material Plane, a babau often finds itself in the same role, haunting the shadowy corners of the world as remorseless assassins.

Only carries pocket change and a few trappings when masquerading in one of her various 'cover' identities.

However Avalexi has a stash of loot (effectively her warchest for long term plans to establish a power base in Magnimar) in the lair she has made out of the desecrated shrine of Sarenrae (defeating Avalexi and rooting the Cult of Shax out of the shrine is at least a significant milestone and likely a major milestone, and thus this stash could conveniently include things relevant to character progression).

In my variant mashup up between Rise Of The Runelords, Dawn of the Scarlet Sun, and The Shattered Star, within her lair Avalexi has the first piece of the Sihedron hidden, trapped, and warded.