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Plattis Aru


Bums Rush: Because I like to overwhelm others, I get +2 when I am Forceful and attempt to tackle or bowl over an opponent.

Forcefully Aggressive: Because I am so physically powerful, I get +1 when I am Forceful and attack.

Indomitable: Because I refuse to give in and I always vigorously protect myself, I get +1 when I am Forceful and defend if I am aware that I am in danger.

Bandit Cheiftan: Because I am so good at practicing banditry in the forests, I am able to add my Roguish and Primal capabilities while setting up or fighting in ambushes in wildland areas.

My Men Are More Afraid Of Me Than Of You: Because I have terrified my minions into obedience, they will not break while I am still alive no matter how dire the situation gets.


32gp, 62sp, 24cp; three small gemstones, some jewelry, a couple of swords, several daggers, and a blackshot pistol (but he's out of powder; he carries it as a status symbol).

Plattis commands a crew of bandits ranging in number from 20 to 30 depending on their current attrition vs recruitment. He groups them in gangs of 3-5. Plattis doesn't have a lieutenant that he trusts, so he does not split the band; he keeps them all under his direct command.

They have a secret camp somewhere in the wilderness within 2 days ride of Jurg's Ferry, and thanks to Pattis' ruthlessness it actually is a pretty well held secret. The gang keeps the bulk of the loot they have not yet or don't intend to fence there. They sometimes keep people they've captured there as well, but only temporarily...and none leave the camp alive.

Summoning Difficulty: +1

Merciless Scum, An Unsympathetic Lot

Good At: Highway Robbery (+2), Fighting (+2)

Bad At: Fighting When Outnumbered (-2)

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