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Bounty On Plattis Aru

Wherein Garak and Dwyth head out on the trail to hunt down the nefarious Plattis Aru and his crew of more than twenty highwaymen of vile character.

Magnimar and the road to Jurg's Ferry


Meanwhile, in grand Magnimar to the west of Sandpoint, Lord Justice Argentine's office posted a warrant calling for the kill or capture of one Plattis Aru and his band of cutthroat highwaymen, a recent but notable scourge operating along trade routes radiating towards Magnimar within three days ride as the caravan wagon rolls

50 gold rounds for Plattis himself, 5 silver discs for each of his band, which was thought to number between 20 and 30.

This is the sort of tasty score the Dwarven bounty hunters Dwyth and Garak live for. The pair were taking a brief ease between warrants in fair Magnimar. But truthfully they were growing bored and thinner of purse, and perhaps were starting to recall that despite their lucrative and successful business partnership...they don't really enjoy the pleasure of each other's company socially.

In other words, the deadly duo were ready for some more action. And kill or capture? Win win. No need to drag a bunch of recalcitrant scumbags all the way back to town to collection...heads in a bag will do.

Dwyth settled their business at Madame Aavari's Boarding House, their usual abode when sustaining a stay in Magnimar, while Garak flitted around to visit sundry contacts of his acquaintance and pressed various palms and maybe put his ear to some door cracks while people nearby dropped eaves. And thus he ascertained that Plattis and his men were known to move at least some of their loot through a fence in Jurg's Ferry a few days upriver from Magnimar.

Armed with this lead the two set out quickly, for they knew that at least some of their rivals in the cutthroat business of bounty hunting would not be slow to act. Time was of the essence.

Two days of travel hard even by Dwarven standards ensured that the duo covered as much ground as most could cover in three.

And so it was that a mere couple of hours away from their destination the intrepid pair actually came upon the very subject of their search, Plattis and his pack of unruly brigands, flagrantly waylaying a small caravan of covered wagons that presumably had departed from Jurg's Ferry.

The highwaymen were in full on raid mode, having blocked off the caravan by felling a tree fore and aft, using the natural undergrowth and marshy forest on one side of the road and the Yondabakari river on the other to make a crude but effective killbox.

Distracted by their ongoing assault the highwaymen had not yet noticed the approaching Dwarves, and as one the pair took to the underbrush for cover while quickly pressing forward to close the distance. Drawing within striking distance and sharing a few quick hand signals to coordinate, Dwyth broke cover and rushed a clutch of 3 bandits manning the log barricade on the westernmost side of the ambush while Garak continued to slink through the underbrush heading further up the trail

Dwyth The Stalwart
Garak The Stealthy

Dwyth cut down one of the bandits, a dirty and ill smelling human of middle years and bad teeth, in his opening rush. The two survivors, taken aback by the materialization of this bold Dwarf in his heavy armor and bearing a wicked axe, struck high and low...but their nicked blades found Dwyth's armor to be more than equal to the task. A fast melee followed, with the two increasingly desperate criminals taking ever bigger risks.

Garak successfully made his way up the trail and found a good sniping position behind a scrubby tree. Taking a few moments to check his eyelines and environs, and nudge some scenery around to provide a better blind, he calmly notched and strung his crossbow, readied a bolt, and clutched 2 more in his teeth.

Dwyth finally found an opening and switched from his carefully disciplined defensive posture and unleashed a devastatingly powerful low and rising backswing that sent the head of his leftmost assailant to spinning through the air.

Garak, several dozens of feet away, loosed his first bolt and took Dwyth's remaining attacker through the back of the neck, felling him instantly. In one smooth and surprisingly quiet motion Garak dropped one of the bolts in his teeth into his waiting hand and had his crossbow re-cocked in an instant.

Dwyth wasted not even a step and immediately pressed forward in a disciplined military double time, axe held at port arms and ready to jab with. Covering the gap to the next clutch of bandits, who were too busy looting the largest wagon in the train to have yet notice that they were no longer in complete control of the site.

Garak, timing his shot to set Dwyth up, put a bolt through the temple of the center most of four bandits, causing the other 3 to turn and look at the victim in shocked surprise.

Dwyth rounded the corner of the wagon just in time to get a swing at the now exposed back of the bandit closest to him, and graciously jabbed his axe into the base of the man's spine, severing it instantly.

Garak's third arrow took the highwayman furthest from Dwyth in the neck, knocked him over, and nailed the twitching corpse to the side of the wagon.

The surviving brigand, not liking where this was going, tried to run...but the burly Dwyth had too much momentum built up and was able to lunge forward to dip his lethal axe into the would-be runner's back.

With no further targets offering themselves to his vantage, Garak reloaded on the ready while trotting forward out of the brushline, behind the wagon edge Dwyth had cleared and over to the other edge on the river facing side of the wagon. Tucking a brace of spare bolts under his armpit, Garak pressed hard up against the corner of the wagon to both grab cover and concealment and also to provide stability for his shooting.

The jig was up now, the screams of the fallen had alerted the next pack of bandits, a few dozen feet further down the trail, and now they were rallying. A pack of 5 turned their attention towards the barreling Dwyth.

Sighting down the eyeline of the wagon's side, Garak saw two of the brigands orienting towards the general direction of where Dwyth must be by now. Taking quick aim, Garak fired a shot at the closer of the two and took him high in the shoulder. Alerted to Garak's presence, the other one turned and threw his spear but missed thanks to the wagon's edge.

Finally closing with the next closest scumbag, Dwyth leaped the last couple of feet and swung his axe in a deadly crescent, which left his would be foe headless. Dwyth rolled to his feet within striking distance of the next two. One of them lunged with a long sword while the other swung a morning star on a longish chain at Dwyth's feet, but Dwyth batted the ball of the morning star aside and let the lunging sword run harmlessly across his pauldron with a screech of metal but no actual harm.

Garak quickly reloaded, took careful aim, and plugged the spear chucker between the eyes. With no more viable targets in view, before moving to a new vantage point Garak took a moment to carefully scan in every direction.

The rest of the bandits and the hulking Plattis Aru himself (who, it turned out, was a Half Orc!) had arrived from the other end of the caravan...and they were not happy. No less than 6 bandits set upon Dwyth in an avalanche of nicked blades, rusty edges, and blunt instruments, and Plattis attempted to tackle the much smaller Dwyth, but Dwyth's stolid, stalwart Dwarven battle craft was the match of them all and he remained intact though winded after they had spent their fury on his unyielding defense. Responding in kind, Dwyth swung his axe around in a blinding arc from which one bandit stumbled back with a cleft-open breastbone, and though another absorbed most of the impact with a shield they did so at the cost of a broken arm.

Garak quickly pressed forward along the long edge of the wagon he was sheltered behind, to gain a commanding view of the swirling melee a couple of dozen feet away. Though the situation was chaotic, Garak was confident enough to shoot into it knowing that his ally Dwyth's height was less than that of their enemies. Seeing a good shot, Garak put an arrow through the shoulder blade of another brigand.

Plattis threw a vicious kick at Dwyth's leg and offbalanced him; Dwyth fell and 4 brigands attempted to quench their steel in him, but even prostrate Dwyth was able to fend of their attacks, though one did manage to kick dirt in his eyes.

Garak shot at Plattis, but the lucky bastard somehow spun under the flying bolt. Nevertheless, Plattis was distracted which bought Dwyth a brief respite.

Plattis tried to stomp on Dwyth but was unable to put his full concentration into it thanks to having to watch for more crossbow bolts, and Dwyth managed to roll away from it. Regaining his feet, Dwyth brushed the dirt from his eyes and returned to his defensive posture.

Garak lined up and took a shot on another brigand and put a bolt through the back of his skull. Then he again set up for his next series of shots and checked his quarters and back to ensure no one was sneaking up on him.

Plattis attempted to grab Dwyth's axe, but the doughty Dwarf has never been one to let go of that WHICH IS HIS. Feeling the momentum shift in his favor, Dwyth spun low and to the left in a violent dervish maneuver and took the legs out from beneath two of the surviving bandits, leaving them howling and writhing upon the ground.

Turning back to the action with a re-loaded crossbow, Garak almost casually popped off a shot to take down the final brigand, leaving only Plattis.

"He's MINE!!!!" Dwyth yelled out, determined to grind his axe on his old grudges against those of green skin.

Shrugging, Garak went into sentry mode, constantly scanning.

"We'll see about that stunty!", Plattis roared, and pounced with furious force, bruising Dwyth's face and splitting his lip. Shaking off the pain, Dwyth returned the favor with a mighty swing of the flat of his axe, and rang Plattis' bell something fierce. Squaring off, the two proceeded to trade swings in a roaming, swirling melee with both becoming increasingly battered but neither quite able to gain the upper hand.

Forgotten in the fray, Garak snuck around unnoticed, and finally when the battle veered into the space between the middle wagon and the easternmost one, Garak sprung his trap and littered the ground beneath Plattis with painful caltrops. Stepping on a few and immediately losing his footing, Plattis was unable to avoid Dwyth and caught the edge of Dwyth's axe in his belly.

Calling for quarter, Plattis begged for mercy, but unwilling to let his grudge against those of goblinoid ancestry slide, Dwyth did not even hesitate to separate Plattis' head from his shoulders.

Afterwards, the panting and injured Dwyth grumbled to Garak, "I thought I said it clearly...he was MINE to fight!"

"And fight him you did, and quite well.", returned Garak.

"Your caltrops weren't honorable; the scum fought well, for a greenskin brute. I would have taken him without your cheating."

"Well...I was hoping to take him alive, at least initially. I imagine they probably keep their good loot at their camp rather than dragging it with them when they go on raids."


" there is the small fact...perhaps less clear to you currently due to your recent exertions...that we don't actually know where that camp is, and you just killed the last fellow in the immediate vicinity who does know...or DID know I should say."

Dwyth grimaced and finally grunted the validity of the point. "Fine. But, still, even on just the bounty alone...not a bad purse...also, they made it easy...we didn't even have to hunt them down this time."

"Yes. Money on the hoof, so to say. Now, lets bag their heads, check for survivors from the caravan, and get moving. I'm feeling exposed here...seems like a rather good place for an ambush..."