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Chapter 1

Wherein our unlikely heroes meet and get involved in the evolving story.

Session 1 (Sandpoint)

Welcome to Sandpoint

The mighty Kazzar had traveled for many days from his rural hometown of Amarga, from which he had been exiled after thrashing or threatening to thrash almost every other man older than 12 and younger than 80. Granted, that was still only about a dozen people as Amarga is a very small and poor town. But it still stung a little to be so unwanted.

Possessed of no real plan or future strategy, Kazzar simply headed towards the water in the northwest looking for what he had heard was a "big city", at least by the standards of his two horse town.

Seeing Sandpoint and assuming that it must be the place because it was bigger than anywhere else he had ever seen, Kazzar strolled into town unaccosted and proceeded to gawk like the rube he is. He quickly realized via his amazing powers of observation that people here traded shiny bits of metal for seemingly everything. Where he was from people traded eggs and cheese and sometimes a lordly sum tallied in chickens or goats or maybe a spare daughter.

But the principle, it would seem, was the same.

Mighty Kazzar The Mugger

Not being any man's fool Kazzar quickly determined he needed to get him some of those shiny metal bits...and fast! Seeing a weak soft fat man who reminded Kazzar vaguely of Farmer Howell back home, who Kazzar had never liked, drift out of a place where people traded metal bits for drink and food, Kazzar lit upon a quick yet unrivaled plan.

Thrash the fat man and take his metal bits!

Kazzar paused a moment to appreciate the greatness of this plan, and then promptly executed it. Thus he rather efficiently mugged Thero Dail, a harmless man who few people had ever had cause to speak ill of. Kazzar simply thumped him into a semi-conscious state, divested the befuddled fool of the sort of pouch he had seen people using to keep their metal bits in, and let the man drop into the mud still alive but somewhat poorer.

Feeling like he was moving up in the world now that he had a clutch of the silver and reddish colored disks to call his very own, Kazzar soon realized he didnt really know if what he had acquired was worth a whole chicken or just a few eggs.

He realized he probably needed more.

The Mercantile League Building

He kept walking further into the city and soon turned a bend to behold a much larger building than any he had ever seen, bigger even than Farmer Blake's really big barn, which was REALLY big by the standards of Amalga. And fancy folk with extra fancy clothes and carrying rolls of paper and other stuff Kazar didn't really know what to make of, were coming and going from this big many-stepped buidling with its yawning great doors stretched wide to the world.

Again, a plan brilliant in its simplicity came to Kazzar in a flash. They surely would have a lot of the metal bits in there somewhere! Kazzar would take them all, and then he would be able to trade metal bits for all the food and drink and chickens and goats and spare daughters he might want...which is a lot actually. Chickens especially are good eating.

Thought and action being one, Kazzar brazenly and in broad daylight snuck directly into the Sandpoint Mercantile League, and after successfully and impressively avoiding notice in the busy lobby where business was being conducted at a long curved walkup rail, Kazzar penetrated into the inner sanctum of the building where he soon mugged two clerks. Sadly though, the commotion did not go unnoticed, and Kazzar ran afoul of the formidable Sir Jasper Korvaski before he could loot his two latest mugging victims.

Unlike the soft civilians Kazzar had thus far been beating down, this new human proved to be abnormally tough, and after fending off the man's wickedly painful mace, Kazzar was forced to flee.

The War For The Shiny Metal Bits

But not for long!

In a running on again off again battle thereafter, Kazzar fought numerous conflicts, managing to knock out six of Sandpoint's gaurds (most of them got a decent look at him), and fought Sir Jasper Korvaski tooth and nail to a standstill (Jasper DEFINITELY knows what Kazzar looks like).

Forced to flee the building twice, Kazzar became only that much more determined that they must have something very worth protecting and thus worth him getting. So he would lure pursuers into an ambush, thump them all into incapacity and then renew his invasion of the building. At one point he knocked out a guard, stole the uniform, donned it, and returned to the building thinking the guards would think he was one of them and let him through.

It might have worked, if the first time a guard asked him a challenge question, Kazzar hadn't knocked the man out with a vicious haymaker. Another skirmish ensued, but Kazzar ultimately prevailed and regained the building once again to continue his infiltration.

I'll Be Right Out!

Finally, everyone had fled the building, and a very badly injured Sir Jasper Korvaski managed to trap Kazzar INSIDE the building. Jasper hoped to pen Kazzar up while more forces could be brought to bear against this unexpected interloper, but Kazzar will not be caged!.

Quickly poking through the rooms he could easily get to within the now abandoned building, but not seeing the piles of shiny metal bits he expected, Kazzar made his way to the back of the building where there was big door. Hearing people talking on the other side of the apparantly barred door, Kazzar decided he would like to meet them. With a small running start, Kazzar hit the door and took it right off its hinges.

Careening outside onto the loading dock, Kazzar used the door to deflect a couple of wild sword swings from a surprised guard duo, smashed them both into unconsciousness with the door, and finally realizing he might not be able to figure out where the metal bits are hidden in the building, Kazzar leapt off the loading dock into the harbor waters and swam away into the credits to plan his next move.