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System Conversion
Converting into the HERO System
One of the strengths of the HERO System is that it can be used to systemically describe and incorporate concepts found in other games. With most Fantasy RPGs the settings and the mechanics of the game are coupled, but the HERO System is setting-less and intended to be used with whatever setting one feels inclined to use.
Thus it is quite possible to use settings and content from other Fantasy RPGs but with the HERO System mechanics in place of whatever mechanics the setting was originally designed for. It is possible to do this piecemeal, such as converting a beloved character from a past campaign or statting an interesting monster from another game into HERO System terms, or wholesale such as switching an existing campaign to the HERO System mechanics in mid-campaign.
Converting From xD&D
AD&D 2e Conversion D&D 3e Conversion
Conversion spokes are provided for xD&D both to allow existing campaigns to be shifted into the HERO System, and to allow easy conversion of source material into the HERO System from those games as a convenient time saver for harried GM's.
Some GM's may just want to cannibalize material from xD&D into the HERO System, while some others may want to capture the feel of xD&D while at the same time taking advantage of the much more flexible character design and resolution mechanics available in the HERO System.
The conversion documents are oriented to allow both uses; it presents a buffet-style assortment of material intended to allow a GM to take only what they want from the various versions of D&D and leave the rest behind.
Converting From Warhammer FRPG
Warhammer FRPG Conversion Warhammer FRPG 2e Conversion
Conversion spokes are provided for both the old classic Warhammer FRPG and the recently released new edition. The conversion document for the new edition is more complete, but both offer more than enough material to port a Warhammer FRPG game into the HERO System, or just run a new startup in the HERO System with the feel of the Warhammer games.
Conversion Styles
The Conversion Style document discusses various approaches that could be taken to do wholesale conversion of an existing campaign from another system in to the HERO System.